Nissan: Design of a all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima combines new design with outlandish sports automobile sensibility

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2016 Nissan Maxima Press Kit


  • Innovative sports automobile proportions, head-turning character emanate a mid-size sedan like no other on a highway today
  • Based on a Nissan Sport Sedan Concept, new Maxima resets “4-Door Sports Car” legacy
  • Exterior’s unconditional absolute physique gestures and crisp, aggressive, sculpted forms emanate reward outlandish feel
  • Exotic and intelligent interior pattern allows motorist to indulge in a cockpit with high-tech feel and pointing craftsmanship

The idea was simple: Create a high performance, top-end sedan for a Nissan brand. As a flagship sedan in Nissan’s product lineup, Maxima has prolonged had a constant following of owners who conclude a singular multiple of sports automobile character with reward elegance. For a new Maxima, Nissan’s tellurian pattern group was tasked with a plea to move to marketplace desirous pattern elements, inside and out, that stir and captivate during a initial glance.

“The New Maxima is another concept-based prolongation car following a 2015 Nissan Murano crossover, that debuted here final year,” pronounced Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “The bar was set even aloft for a group to grasp a code guarantee by design.”

Designers went all out with perfect excitement. They fast filled picture play on a studio walls with keywords and inspirational images. Phrases like “passionate exotic” and “brutal nonetheless sophisticated” appeared. Photos of secrecy jets, flier helmets, speedboats, and high-style products like furniture, boots and watches shortly followed. Other images, like classical exotics from an epoch of bespoke interiors, domestic leather seats, tailored instrument pattern and reward surfacing, also assimilated a walls.

As they grown blueprint themes, built pattern prototypes and brought a plan all proceed to prolongation pattern information release, a designers kept reminding themselves to warn people, emanate fad for a senses, be aggressive, and always a doubt in mind: “Is it estimable of a Maxima name?”

“Ultimately, story will confirm where a new pattern fits in a bequest of a prior 7 generations of Maximas that have left before,” pronounced Mamoru Aoki, Executive Design Director, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “But one thing is certain, there will be no mistaking a 2016 Maxima for any other ‘mid-size sedan-plus’ in a segment.”

New Exterior Architecture
At a core of a new Maxima pattern is what a creators call “sweeping absolute physique gestures.” Unlike a normal proceed in a sports sedan shred of adding large wheels and tires to a linear, slab-sided design, a Maxima offers wraparound forms and frail slipstream edges. The extraneous doesn’t usually spirit during a opening underneath, it shouts it out from a enthralling glance of a front signature lighting to a far-reaching rebound taillights.

“The new Maxima shares a pivotal elements of Nissan’s new pattern language, that shook adult a personal crossover shred with a introduction in a overwhelming 2015 Nissan Murano,” pronounced Shinichiro Irie, Design Director, Nissan Design America, where a new Maxima pattern was executed. “But while both Murano and Maxima implement a assertive V-Motion front end, rebound lights and singular floating roof, Maxima takes a new form wording in a opposite instruction – a instruction wise a sports car-like proportions.”

The floating roof, that is combined in partial by a use of thin, blacked-out pillars, helps move a mass of a car visually lower. Combined with a visor windshield and accessible Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof, a cockpit feel is combined inside a vehicle. The roof also strongly echoes a canopy feel of a warrior jet.

Another pivotal to a assertive Maxima extraneous is a reward exotic-style wheel-oriented fenders and stance. Standard 18-inch machined aluminum-alloy wheels fill out a absolute fenders – and even some-more so with a Maxima SR model’s singular 19-inch diamond-cut machined aluminum-alloy circle design. The confidant hood, that gives a clarity of power, adds to a robust feel. As for a proportions, a new Maxima is 33 millimetres (1.3 inches) reduce and 56 millimetres (2.2 inches) longer than a prior generation.

The new Maxima’s fellow of drag has been softened by some-more than 10 percent from a prior generation. Other extraneous facilities embody accessible outward mirrors with integrated spin signals and tilt-down features, along with twin chrome empty finishers.

Capping off a extraneous execution is a delicately comparison palette of colours, including one new paint combined exclusively for a new Maxima – Coulis Red.

A Passionate, Crafted Interior Design
As with a exterior, Maxima’s interior pattern group directed high. Understanding that many vehicles in a mid-size sedan shred miss an romantic tie with their drivers, a designers challenged themselves to emanate an interior with an additional of personality, one that after a month of tenure would still yield fun and a clarity of discovery.

“The group knew that it is easy to go a reward track when formulating an interior,” pronounced Irie. “Edgy is a small harder. What we invoked were both automotive birthright and futuristic, jet warrior influences for inspiration. The consistent of these clearly contradicting approaches came together beautifully, generally in a driver’s cockpit.”

From a blueprint of a instrument row to a high core console, a motorist is cosseted and in control. The console was quite severe in that in sequence to lift a tallness to a preferred level, it still indispensable to accommodate standards for knee clearway and chair movement. It was not usually accomplished, though reward stuffing was combined to a console sides, adding a clarity of richness.

Another plea was a endless use of genuine stitching on a console, core smoke-stack and instrument row – that had to be ideally aligned so as not to pull courtesy for a wrong reason, generally when noticed from a back seat.

One some-more preference done by a warrior jet change was to lean a core information arrangement toward a driver, and to place all vicious controls within brief reach. The shifter pull itself is made to resemble an aircraft joystick and a pull symbol start for a intelligent pivotal has been changed to a console itself. The start symbol pulses when a motorist enters a cabin.

Also located on a console is a Display Commander switch, that allows for fingertip control of a core arrangement information screens. And, a special media bin is place brazen on a console and includes dual USB and auxiliary ports, along with room adequate to reason an iPhone® 6 Plus.

Along with a high-tech feel of a instrument row – with customary 7.0-inch Advanced Drive Assist Display (in-meter display) and Fine Vision 8.0-inch capacitive colour arrangement with smartphone-like controls (swipe and pinch-to-zoom) – a choice of interior materials leans many some-more toward classical motoring. Take, for example, a use of diamond-shaped faceted finishers, that offer a domestic feel. The pleasing feel, a clarity of formulating a feast for a senses by use of glossy and matte finishes, carries via a interior, including to a seating and steering wheel.

The accessible reward Ascot Leather-appointed seats embody diamond-quilted inserts – with Alcantara® diamond-quilted inserts on SR models. Even a singular D-shaped exhilarated steering circle is accessible with an Alcantara® insert, a pattern component dictated to light a driver’s senses when behind a wheel.

As with a new Maxima’s exterior, interior colours were delicately considered. While many mid-size sedans hang with black and beige motifs, a new Maxima SR is charity with an additional deep, abounding Camel interior. Even a customary Charcoal colour seating facilities blue resisting stitching and a Cashmere (beige) chair colour is lighter than usual, charity a aloft contrariety with a black aspect areas.

The final aspect of a new Maxima is how it achieved inexhaustible interior pattern but giving adult an unit of sports car-like pushing flavor. Unlike many other segments where a idea is to discharge as many facilities and apparatus to save space, cost or weight, Maxima’s really inexhaustible interior space did not direct an practice in restraint. Maxima “overshoots” in terms of accessible facilities and user-focused technology.

The plea of vital adult to Maxima’s unapproachable birthright is one a pattern group took to heart and conduct on. Long live a 4-Door Sports Car.

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