Nissan: “Dreams don’t come loyal unless we act on them” – Mayra González

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At a Renault-Nissan Alliance, a farrago of a workforce is one of a reasons for a success. In new years, we have put an additional importance on diversifying a care ranks. Recently, Nissan named Mayra González boss and handling executive of Nissan Mexico, creation her a initial lady to conduct a informal Nissan association worldwide and a youngest chairman to reason such a position in a company’s history. In this new essay from a Huffington Post’s Mexico edition, Mayra recalls her personal tour of success.
– Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn

Dreams don’t come loyal unless we act on them
By Mayra González

When we was a immature girl, my relatives taught me that we could do anything we put my mind to, we usually had to make certain we was a best during it. This is how we became a lady who always won some-more candy during kids’ parties, a lady who always answered questions initial in class, and a initial one to spin in tests. we feel truly advantageous to have grown adult in a home that pushed me over a boundary and amicable expectations for women, even in a multitude like Mexico’s – famous for a deeply secure masculine chauvinism or machismo – where women have few opportunities to practice their rights.

Even yet Mexico has gifted certain changes over a final few years in terms of women in a workplace, there is still a outrageous event to emanate a some-more different society, quite as associated to equal event in education, work, and life in general.

With honour to my personal story, we don’t consider it has been usually a matter of luck. we resolutely trust that dreams don’t come loyal unless we make them a reality. we always knew that we would lead a association someday; we usually didn’t know accurately when it would happen. As a woman, we contingency work tough and stay focused to make your dreams come true, as we consistently face gender barriers.

I remember that my try into a automotive attention was simply a outcome of chance. At that time, we was looking for a partial time office so that we could buy a automobile to invert between home and college. That was what led me to request for a office during a automobile dealership, that afterwards led me to a sales floor, where we gifted a many extraordinary explanation of my life: we satisfied that gasoline runs by my veins.

Car sales are singular and a knowledge remade my life, given in Mexico, distinct other countries, we applaud a squeeze of a new automobile as a fulfilment of a dream.

I was deeply beholden to be partial of this vicious jubilee in a lives of so many people, and was indeed invited on several occasions to be partial of a family print business took when they came to collect adult their new cars.

That is when we knew that we was on a right trail to make my dreams come true. we practical for a office during a company’s financial branch, Renault Financial Services, where we started my veteran career. Since then, I’ve spent some-more than 15 years operative for companies within a Renault-Nissan Alliance and, while it has been an heated and severe experience, it has also been interesting, to contend a least.

The obstacles and barriers we have overcome are not a concentration of my story, though rather how we overcame them and won a chair on a company’s house of directors. we trust that this is a loyal doctrine that can be schooled from looking for opportunities and holding risks.

In my initial years as a sales representative, we remember spending hours pushing to remote cities in Northern Mexico to revisit a brand’s dealership owners. we spent even some-more time sitting outward their offices, watchful for them to accept me, given they could not fathom, during a time, that a lady was there to tell them how to conduct their business.

I shortly accepted that we had to offer these group something they didn’t have. So, we used information as my primary apparatus to give them a new perspective. we remember study a information for any city, including a internal market’s function and even a amicable conditions so we could give them new information they did not know they needed. After a integrate of tries, they finally non-stop their bureau doors to me, and we started creation a name for myself in a automotive industry, that is effectively dominated by group though is not theirs alone, as my knowledge shows.

After several years operative during a company, José Muñoz, Nissan Mexico’s boss during a time, asked me if we wanted to be a initial lady to lay on a house of directors. we immediately pronounced approbation though perplexity and though carrying a smallest thought about what a position entailed. we remember seeking myself during that vicious impulse in my life if we should take a conveyor to see where it takes me, or stay on a same floor. we took a elevator.

I trust that women contingency acknowledge that we can do anything we want. We are usually as able as group but, sadly, many women still don’t comprehend this, be it for miss of courage or due to gender barriers. Let me assure we that if we succeeded, anyone can attain as well.

That’s how we came to reason my stream position as boss and CEO of Nissan Mexico. we am unapproachable to contend that we finally pennyless a potion roof by apropos a initial lady during Nissan to lead a country’s operations in some-more than 83 years. It was a large feat and, yes, we consider we can go even further.

Many people have asked me if we have finally seen my life dream come true, to that we answer no. we keep vital my dream, any day of my life. The usually disproportion is that now we feel empowered to make changes to assistance other women have a opportunities we did not have during a start of my career. we have always pronounced that if my life story inspires usually one girl, one womanlike college student, or one lady in an executive position, we will have achieved one of my life goals, and this is something we see in my daughter’s eyes any day. we wish her to be whoever she wants to be. we wish her to assistance other women and to be desirous by her life choices – given women need to support and commission any other in a common office of a improved life and future.

At a 2016 Women’s Forum in France, a Renault-Nissan Alliance will have one open orator and will horde dual sessions:

  • Dec. 1, 16:50-17:05: Mayra Gonzalez, President and Managing Director, Nissan Mexico will attend in a full event “New during a Top.”
  • Dec. 1, 12:20-13:05: The Renault-Nissan Alliance will horde a Corner event by “les Pionnières” on “Entrepreneurial spirit: Women on a move”
  • Dec. 2, 10:45-11:30: The Renault-Nissan Alliance will also horde a event on “Executive Presentations: Standing Out and Building your Personal Brand” by Jane Goodman, executive consultant coach.

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