Nissan: "DRIVETHEARC" EV quick charging mezzanine breaks belligerent in northern California

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – DRIVETHEARC, a mezzanine of electric car (EV) quick charging stations travelling from Monterey to Lake Tahoe, pennyless belligerent currently with a badge slicing rite El Dorado Hills, California.

DRIVETHEARC aims to boost a palliate of long-distance EV transport along one of California’s many critical transport arteries while investigate EV use and pushing patterns by a smartphone app that will yield a user-friendly charging experience.

It is a corner ubiquitous plan promoted by Japan’s largest open RD supervision organization, a New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) – underneath a agreement between NEDO and a State of California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, and in partnership with Nissan Motor Co., Nissan North America, Kanematsu and EVgo.

Announced during a press discussion alongside a badge slicing rite during a DRIVEtheARC Station during Raley’s in El Dorado Hills, California – that will horde 4 DRIVETHEARC EV quick chargers – dignitaries from NEDO, Nissan, Kanematsu, EVgo and several California state supervision offices collected to share sum of a quick charging mezzanine and a intensity impact in forwarding EV adoption in California. The plan to collect and investigate information will be finished in Sep 2020, while designation of a 50 quick chargers along a mezzanine is approaching to be finished by Mar 2017. This will yield drivers with mixed quick charging points per site during a some-more than 20 jammed locations that are partial of a project.

“NEDO is committed to a best efforts to comprehend a design of a proof plan with Go-Biz and other California supervision organisation (CEC, CARB, CalEPA, CPUC) support, EVgo’s team-work as a internal partner, and by Nissan and Kanematsu’s imagination and partnership in a execution of this project,” pronounced Makoto Watanabe, executive executive of NEDO. “We would like to minister to elucidate environmental problems by compelling EV use, that will lead to reduced hothouse gas emissions, and truly wish that we will be means to assistance emanate tolerable EV societies in a future.”

An integrated ubiquitous cooperation, NEDO is appropriation a DRIVETHEARC mezzanine as partial of a idea to urge appetite assign and foster new appetite technologies, as good to assistance foster supervision relations, investigate and information sell between a U.S. and Japan. In partnership with Kanematsu, a DRIVETHEARC smartphone app is also in growth and will yield users with pivotal real-time preference facilities such as navigation to charging stations within cruising operation and will assistance revoke assign watchful times with horse cavity information. Captured pushing stats will be accessible to users, and Nissan, Kanematsu, EVgo and NEDO will investigate and magnitude horse use patterns to improved surprise destiny EV charging projects globally.
“This network of accessible fast-charging stations will make it easier for some-more consumers to name fun-to-drive and careful electric cars,” pronounced CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols. “NEDO’s investment in DRIVEtheARC will make intercity EV transport a breeze, and by putting some-more zero-emission vehicles onto a roads and highways, will assistance California accommodate a purify atmosphere and meridian targets.”

“We are impossibly vehement to see a DRIVEtheARC plan come to life, executing a MOU sealed by NEDO and GO-Biz to assistance build an infrastructure that supports California’s desirous idea of putting 1.5 million 0 glimmer vehicles on a highway by 2025,” pronounced GO-Biz executive Panorea Avdis. “We praise NEDO, Nissan, EVgo and Kanematsu for their commitment, collaboration, and execution and demeanour brazen to stability a work together to build a California ZEV market.”

As a tellurian personality in EV sales, Nissan is also partnering in DRIVETHEARC as partial of a automaker’s ‘Infrastructure for All’ strategy. Nissan has played a heading purpose in flourishing a series of EV quick charging stations in a U.S. from 250 stations in 2013, to an approaching 2,000 stations by 2017. This provides Nissan LEAF drivers with entrance to a largest metro area network of quick charging stations in a country. The DRIVETHEARC mezzanine enhances a existent EV infrastructure Nissan has upheld as partial of a No Charge to Charge promotion, by joining a metro areas of Monterey, a San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

“Nissan is dynamic to widely widespread EV use to assistance advantage a sourroundings on tellurian basis. The U.S. is among a tip markets in a universe for EV sales, and California represents a towering 40 percent of all EV sales in a country, creation a state a matter for furthering a adoption of EVs into a future,” pronounced Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Chief Sustainability Officer of Nissan Motor. “An adequate open charging network is one of a pivotal factors for EV expansion. Northern California has a different embankment though until now did not possess a loyal inter-city EV quick charging network. We are vehement to exercise this network and investigate EV use in Northern California so that we can request a lessons we learn to destiny quick charging network projects around a world.”

As a tellurian trade residence with imagination in a wiring and information technologies business, Kanematsu has been collaborating with Nissan and EVgo to recover a new DRIVEtheARC smartphone app. The DRIVEtheARC smartphone app is designed for a DRIVEtheARC stations and a EVgo stations. It navigates EV drivers to optimal stations formed on cruising operation and charging hire status. The app enables EV drivers to guard a real-time standing of a charging stations, name an suitable station, and assign their EVs regulating a app’s authorisation routine or required remuneration authorisation methods. The EV cruising operation underline formed on NissanConnect Data Link Service will be accessible in a open of 2017.

As a internal partner of a project, EVgo is handling a designation of a DRIVETHEARC infrastructure with a deployment of 50 EV quick charging stations during over 20 accessible locations. Fast charging stations are being commissioned during pivotal jammed sell partners along a track to emanate a loyal inter-city charging network that will inspire long-distance EV transport in Northern California. The mezzanine represents a newest further to EVgo’s inhabitant network of over 800 EV quick charging stations opposite 66 markets.

“We are anxious to have a event to yield a charging infrastructure, imagination and hardware for a DRIVETHEARC quick charging corridor, and to be operative with such a illusory organisation of tellurian partners on this project,” pronounced Terry O’Day, Vice President, Product Strategy and Market Development during EVgo. “Our aim is to inspire a feasibility of long-range EV transport in California and yield EV drivers with a convenient, low-cost inter-city charging network that will pave a approach for destiny EV formation in a state.”

The DRIVETHEARC quick charging mezzanine is approaching be finished in Mar 2017. For some-more information about a DRIVETHEARC plan and app, greatfully visit:

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