Nissan: Explorer hits 16,000 km miracle in cross-continent journey in new Nissan LEAF

Posted on 31. Aug, 2018 by in Nissan Canada

PARIS – After an epic 16,000-kilometer drive, frigid path-finder Marek Kaminski has arrived in Japan, carrying started his landmark #NoTraceExpedition in Poland 3 months progressing in Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle, a new Nissan LEAF.

Kaminski’s eco-friendly outing took him from Zakopane, Poland by 8 countries over dual continents and a horde of varying pushing conditions, flitting by Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and South Korea on his approach to a finishing indicate in Tokyo.

The “no snippet left behind” mantra of a #NoTraceExpedition demonstrates a feasibility of zero-emission transport by electric car, and sets a instance for explorers wanting to revisit a world’s farthest corners but deleterious a environment.


Though Kaminski can explain to be a initial male to have trekked to a North and South Poles in a same year, his speed by electric automobile is expected to be only as memorable. Among Kaminski’s adventures, detours along mud marks in Mongolia and some resourceful charging solutions in Russia were important highlights.

Unfazed by a initial 16,000 kilometers, Kaminski will now get behind behind a circle and finish a lapse tour from Tokyo to Poland in a same car.

The new, 100% electric Nissan LEAF is during a forefront of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility strategy, featuring forward-thinking record designed to make it improved than ever to expostulate and own. With a new 40 kWh battery agreeable a total pushing cycle operation of 270 km underneath a new, genuine world-reflective WLTP emissions and economy framework, a LEAF offers business an positive and energetic pushing experience.

In his goal to plea a misconceptions around tolerable travel, Kaminski sees a new LEAF as a ideal partner. The automobile produces 0 tailpipe emissions and offers a horde of facilities including Nissan e-Pedal and ProPILOT semi-autonomous pushing complement to make transport effortless.

“For me, this tour is not only about reaching my end – it is also about creation a simple, shining change to be some-more sustainable,” pronounced Kaminski. “Whether in a wilds of Russia, on remote Mongolian mud marks or in a bustling streets of Tokyo, a LEAF has been a arguable partner throughout. The automobile and facilities such as ProPILOT were impressively able in tough pushing conditions, and even in remote areas with small infrastructure, we kept a LEAF charged and on a move. The LEAF gave me a event to hang to my oath and transport but a trace, so we wish that this is a step brazen on a tour towards tolerable mobility.”


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