Nissan Introduces Energy Efficient Car Carrier to Japan Shipping Route

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Nissan Introduces Energy Efficient Car Carrier to Japan Shipping Route

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. currently denounced a Nichioh Maru, an appetite fit coastal automobile conduit that will ride finished vehicles and tools on one of Japan’s categorical nautical shipping routes.

The Nichioh Maru, newly built by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd., has commissioned solar appetite panels for a initial time on a coastal boat in Japan and is propelled by an electronically tranquil diesel engine. It employs LED lighting in a ship’s reason and vital quarters, and a carcass is embellished with a latest low attrition coating, among other energy-efficient facilities onboard.

Compared to an existent automobile conduit of a same type, this boat can grasp a fuel rebate of adult to scarcely 1,400 tons annually, that translates to an annual rebate of 4,200 tons of CO2 emissions.

Nitto Kaiun Corporation, one Nissan’s categorical sea ride partners, will work a Nichioh Maru on a categorical nautical track among a Kanto (Oppama), Kinki (Kobe) and Kyushu (Kanda) regions. The association customarily operates 4 sailings per week on this route, though it will boost to 6 times per week with a further of a new carrier. Augmenting this use is approaching to assistance urge a ride of Nissan vehicles to their destinations.

Aiming for a heading low corporate CO footprint is a pivotal post of a Nissan Green Program 2016, a company’s new mid-term environmental movement plan. Under this plan, Nissan is intent in a growth of zero-emission and environmentally-friendly vehicles, as good as CO2 rebate efforts during automobile production, logistics activities, and in a offices and sales points. The new appetite fit automobile conduit will assistance to significantly revoke CO2 emissions in Nissan’s logistics.

Overview of a Nichioh Maru

  • Length: 169.95 m
  • Width: 26.00 m
  • Total weight: 11,400 tons
  • Load ability
    – Completed vehicles: 880 units (without lorry trailers: 1,380 units)                       
    – With trailers: 115 units
  • Operating speed: 21.2 knots

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