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HIRONO-MACHI, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan – Northeast Japan was struck by disasters on Mar 11, 2011 that still impact a segment today. Shortly before a fifth-year anniversary, Hirono city in southern Fukushima welcomed volunteers from Nissan and other groups, who looked to support serve recovery.


State Minister for Reconstruction Kaneshige Wakamatsu
“Recovery efforts in Japan won’t interpretation in 5 or even 10 years, so continued ties to a cheerless communities, or kizuna, will be indispensable even more. Over a final 5 years, volunteers assimilated liberation efforts in Hirono and other communities in Fukushima prefecture. As depletion orders are now lifting for some-more communities, some-more people are returning home, so a need to enhance a suggestion of kizuna is growing.

“The liberation of Hirono, Futaba and all Fukushima prefecture is essential, as this factors into completing Japan’s rebuilding. This unfolding is pivotal for disaster recovery. Through these corner efforts with government, companies and community, all will use kizuna to finish a recovery.”

Nissan Iwaki Plant General Manager Masaru Nomoto
“Kizuna is a common word, though after a Great East Japan trembler it took on a sorcery definition and became informed to all Japanese.

“Speaking of kizuna, a Nissan Iwaki plant staff also became victims of a tragedies; we mislaid an employee, and overall, everybody faced agonise about a disasters in courtesy to family, friends or neighbors.

“The definition of kizuna we see here currently – 30 people from a plant. All have shown good passion in assisting out with disaster liberation efforts.”

Yuji Maruyama, Nissan Staff
“I visited this area many times to harangue during a internal high school, so we was really endangered after a disasters. we wanted to be partial of contributing to support a internal recovery, so fasten a efforts currently has done me utterly happy.”

Mika Sato, Nissan Staff
“When we listened about a proffer opportunity, we all said, ‘yes, yes, definitely, let’s do it.’ This family atmosphere is a definition of kizuna.”

Nobuhiro Imagawa, Nissan Staff
“This is my initial time to join such proffer activity in Fukushima liberation efforts. Our Iwaki plant saw a biggest repairs of Nissan comforts from a disasters. But with this experience, we can support serve efforts to assist Fukushima’s recovery.”


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