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– Best-ever year, best CYQ4 and best Dec sales record –

Nissan Latin America and a Caribbean (NLAC) currently reported 2011 sales formula of 140,880 units, representing an all-time record calendar year for a Nissan code in NLAC’s history. The NLAC segment includes 36 LAC markets and Argentina.

The outcome places NLAC as a third largest segment for Nissan sales in a Americas after US and Mexico and represents a 23% expansion from 2010. Excluding Argentina, newly combined to a region, a LAC markets collectively reported a record marketplace share of 10.0% in 2011 and initial time to grasp double-digit participation.

The record LAC sell sales of 35,090 units in a final trimester of 2011 paint also a record quarterly marketplace share of 10.3%, adult 0.5pts over 2010. The LAC monthly sell sales of 12,659 units and marketplace share of 10.7% are both all time annals for a December, adult 0.7pts over 2010 and a 4th uninterrupted month during or above 10% marketplace share.

“2011 was a severe nonetheless sparkling year for a NLAC segment where fast economies demonstrated resilience opposite a tellurian financial issues.” pronounced Ken Ramirez, Director, NLAC. “Our opinion is even brighter for 2012 brazen as Nissan is positioned to outperform a attention expansion with a singular multiple of innovative new models, an sparkling code and plain partners.”

NLAC Sales Highlights

  • NLAC 2011 sell sales record of 140,880 units, adult 26,327 units over 2010
  • LAC 2011 sell sales record of 128,151 units, adult 22,931 units over 2010
  • LAC 2011 marketplace share record of 10.0%, adult 0.4pts over 2010
  • LAC CY11Q4 sell sales record of 35,090 units, adult 2,388 units over 2010
  • LAC CY11Q4 marketplace share record of 10.3%, adult 0.5pts over 2010
  • LAC Dec sell sales record of 12,659 units, adult 7.7% over 2010
  • LAC Dec marketplace share record of 10.7%, adult 0.7pts over 2010
  • Colombia 2011 sell sales record of 23,949 units, adult 9,389 units over 2010
  • Colombia Dec marketplace share record of 9.2%, adult 2.6pts over 2010

About Nissan Latin America and a Caribbean
Nissan Latin America and a Caribbean (NLAC) is a executive informal bureau of Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., located in Mexico City. It includes 37 countries in a segment with forecasted sales of approximately 145,000 units in a mercantile year 2011, representing 10% marketplace share in a region. For some-more information about Nissan in Latin America and a Caribbean and a finish line of Nissan vehicles, revisit a website during

About Nissan
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan’s second-largest automotive company, is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is partial of a Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with some-more than 248,000 employees globally, Nissan supposing business with some-more than 4.1 million vehicles in 2010, generating income of 8.77 trillion yen ($102.37 billion U.S.). With a clever joining to building sparkling and innovative products for all, Nissan delivers a extensive operation of 64 models underneath a Nissan and Infiniti brands. A colonize in zero-emission mobility, Nissan done story with a introduction of a Nissan LEAF, a initial affordable, mass-market, pure-electric car and leader of countless general accolades, including a prestigious 2011 European Car of a Year endowment and 2011 World Car of a Year.

For some-more information on a products, services and joining to Sustainable Mobility, revisit a website during

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