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After Friday’s haphazard continue with a use event on a dry lane and a gift event on a really soppy track, a initial foe took place in full object on Saturday afternoon, usually dual hours after a F1’s gift session. Qualified in stick position, Quebec’s Olivier Bédard led a whole race, formulating a opening of roughly 5 seconds on a twin stoical by Nissan GT Academy motorist Thanaroj Tanasitnitikate and a hockey actor Marc André Bergeron, who fought a extreme conflict with both drivers channel a finish line distant by usually tenths of seconds.

Back in foe after sixteen years of absence, maestro and pushing instructor Richard Spénard ranked himself fourth, after a really good ascent. Following a lead of a best drivers in use session, where he climbed to second position, he showed that he did not remove his measureless talent. Spénard ranked forward of Pierre Clavet, Valérie Chiasson, Indian Abhinay Bikkani, second motorist of a GT Academy, Paul Dargis, Benoît Gagnon and best rookie, Olivier Pelletier.

Sunday morning, it’s in front of a large throng that a Nissan Micra Cup presented an unusually heated second race. In a lane sections that are equally as fabulous as a famous Senna, East hairpin or a violation section during a “Wall of Champions” turns, there was countless overtaking. Leading a race, Olivier Bédard and Stefan Rzadzinski traded a initial position mixed times. At a end, Rzadzinski had a best of Bédard, winning a foe by a nose.

In terms of a ideally executed race, Valérie Chiasson ends in third position. Thus, she writes Canadian motorsport complicated history, as she is a initial womanlike motorist to bind an altogether lectern mark on a circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

Behind a circle of these roughly batch Nissan Micra, Richard Spénard, drivers from a GT Academy, Tanasitnitikate and Bikkani, Jacques Bélanger and Marc-André Bergeron brought a throng on a feet in their conflict for a fourth spot. Abhinay Bikkani and Thanaroj Tanasitnitikate managed to take this rarely desired position from Richard Spénard. Bélanger, Bergeron, Kevin King and rookie Metod Topolnik finish a “Top 10”.

In a driver’s championship, Bédard leads with 148 points, in front of Tanasitnitikate (142), Rzadzinski (114), Valérie Chiasson (98), Bikkani (71) and Bergeron (70). Metod Topolnik still leads a rookie championship.

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