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  • Nissan GT-R LM NISMO completes a Le Mans 24 Hours on a competition debut
  • The 3 new Le Mans challengers run for 10, 23 and 24 hours.
  • Nissan energy takes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 in LM P2 class

LE MANS, France Nissan’s much-anticipated Le Mans challenger, a Nissan GT-R LM NISMO, finished a competition entrance during a Le Mans 24 Hours this weekend. Such is a scale of a plea to enter a tip continuation class, Nissan set a aim of removing one of a 3 cars to a finish of a 24-hour race.

The #22 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO of Harry Tincknell (GB), Michael Krumm (GER) and Alex Buncombe (GB) took a mottled dwindle during 15:00hrs on Sunday afternoon after battling opposite a contingency to finish a biggest competition in a world.

For a initial 10 hours of a race, a 3 GT-R LM NISMOs racked adult a miles, all completing over 100 laps of a 13.629km Le Mans circuit in that time. The competition was positively not though play for a #22 car, that had to contend with unchanging teething problems though also being strike by debris. The biggest “moment” for that automobile came usually 9 hours into a competition when Tincknell ran into a vast square of waste while hurtling towards Indianapolis Corner during 340kph.

“We ran a whole competition creation certain we were mechanically sensitive so we could shelve adult a miles and finish Le Mans,” pronounced Tincknell. “I positively didn’t design to strike a large pile of ‘something’ that was right in a center of a racing line. The automobile was feeling good during that time too, so it was a genuine contrition to have to come in with repairs and remove a cube of time. We had struggled a bit in a early partial of a race, though we managed to immediately collect off 7 or 8 P2 cars and afterwards clever on bringing a automobile home in one piece.”

The Le Mans 24 Hours is a outrageous plea for any manufacturer, though to make your competition entrance during Le Mans requires overwhelming effort. The Nissan NISMO group has worked uninterrupted given a GT-R LM NISMO initial took to a lane during a finish of 2014. The automobile is still in a decline theatre of a development, though a outrageous series of lessons were schooled this weekend as a group fought to keep a cars on a track.

The initial misadventure came tighten to a 10-hour symbol when a #21 Nissan mislaid a wheel, and notwithstanding a efforts of Tsugio Matsuda (JAP) was incompetent to lapse to a pits. Matsuda’s teammate Lucas Ordonez (ESP) started a competition in #21 before handing a automobile over to Mark Shulzhitskiy (RUS), before a Japanese motorist jumped in.


“It has been a tough Le Mans 24 Hours for us though we approaching that,” pronounced Ordonez. “The start of a competition went well. We had good, purify stints initially, though afterwards when we got into a night we were carrying some issues and afterwards Tsugio (Matsuda) had a problem with one of a wheels and he couldn’t make it behind to a pits. Losing a front circle when we have a front circle expostulate automobile is not ideal. It was unfortunate, though we have to appreciate a team. They finished a superhuman bid over a final weeks and months, and it’s harmful for them to have their automobile not lapse to a pits. We have learnt so many this weekend. We have collected so many data, though we have schooled how to work together as a competition team. We now need to keep on learning, improving and building for a future.”

The #23 Nissan had maybe a many unpleasant exit from a race, timid with a cessation issue. Jann Mardenborough (GB) and his teammates Max Chilton (GB) and Olivier Pla (FRA) were behind by a purchase emanate during a start, though they got stranded into a competition and were looking good for a finish when Mardenborough was forced to lift off a circuit with usually one hour of a competition remaining.

“Missing a start meant that we missed out on any danger,” pronounced Mardenborough. “I had a unequivocally good opening run, triple stinting a tires and usually clever on gripping a automobile on a track. we was gutted to have to retire a automobile with usually an hour to go. we attempted all we could to get going again, though #23 had had enough. We finished a competition with a automobile that was many improved to expostulate than during a start as we continued creation swell as we went by a race. Thanks to a organisation who have worked so hard, quite these past few weeks. We did something to be unapproachable of today.”

“I am feeling really unapproachable of a whole group right now,” pronounced Nissan’s Darren Cox. “For certain we have had problems, though that’s what happens when we innovate. Our engine is clever and we were means to fast repair a other problems that we had. We have learnt an implausible volume during Le Mans and a battles will usually make us stronger.

“Most LM P1 manufacturers don’t finish Le Mans during their initial attempt, so it was critical for us to strike this target,” he continued. “The guys in a garage are a heroes this weekend, and a drivers have all finished an implausible pursuit – infrequently in really formidable circumstances. They indispensable earthy and mental strength in equal magnitude this weekend and each one of a 9 delivered for us. We have finished accurately what we indispensable to do: We dug in, we solved a problems, we exploited a boundary of a stream performance, and we finished a Le Mans 24 Hours.”

In further to a fledgling LM P1 program, Nissan provides engines to many of a LM P2 teams during Le Mans. Those teams did a Japanese manufacturer unapproachable during Le Mans by holding a tip 7 finishing positions in a LM P2 class. The #47 KCMG Oreca-Nissan took a win, followed by final year’s leader a JOTA Sport Gibson-Nissan, with a #26 G-Drive Ligier-Nissan holding a final lectern place. Gaetan Paletou, Nissan’s newest Lounge to Le Mans racer, unfortunately didn’t get to competition as his automobile late before it was his spin to drive.

The subsequent competition for a Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is a 6 Hours of Nürburgring, turn 4 of a FIA World Endurance Championship, that will be hold on Aug 30.


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