Nissan: New exposé shows a loyal personalities of Micra Cup drivers in Video Report

Posted on 17. Sep, 2016 by in Nissan Canada

Mississauga, Ont. – As with any other motorsport series, supporters of a Nissan Micra Cup customarily usually see drivers wearing their full racing clothe and in a state of razor-sharp concentration on a competition track. Some of a youngest members of a Micra Cup family recently insincere a purpose of journalists, and took their questions to a paddock to get a candid, tighten demeanour during a drivers – all chronicled in a new video expelled by Nissan today.

Catherine and Ilian remade into reporters of tomorrow to rise an inside demeanour during a personal side of Micra Cup drivers. Both ardent about a Nissan Micra Cup, Catherine, 10, and Ilian, 7, spent time with a NV Production group assembly a drivers, their teams and conducting their first-ever on-camera interviews.

The Nissan Micra Cup paddocks horde drivers who are veterans, rising stars, and also immature rookies who come true from karting. At a finish of a second season, this well-rounded brew of Micra Cup drivers and their teams have shaped a tighten community, and this includes family and friends.  This family-friendly sourroundings naturally encourages opportunities for immature fans to take their initial stairs on a competition track.

At Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a Nissan Micra Cup saw Catherine and Ilian effectively make their entrance in motorsport journalism. The outcome was a desirable video, demonstrating that we don’t have to be a motorist to make your entrance in motorsports!

To learn a Nissan Micra Cup by a eyes of children, greatfully visit:



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