Nissan: New two-wheeled record for Nissan Juke NISMO RS and Terry Grant

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  • Stuntman beats his existent record during Goodwood Festival of Speed for fastest mile on dual wheels
  • Four years after his strange record, new pen set in Juke NISMO RS on initial try
  • Terry Grant pilots latest incarnation of Nissan’s Juke adult Goodwood mountain in 2m10s

Stuntman Terry Grant has damaged his possess universe record for a fastest mile trafficked on dual wheels in a four-wheeled car – a sporty incarnation of Nissan’s Juke, a NISMO RS.

Grant has 6 attempts during travelling adult a famous Goodwood hillclimb march during this weekend’s Festival of Speed, though pennyless a record on a initial go, achieving a time of 2m10s.

That eclipses his prior record, set in a Nissan Juke during a Festival of Speed in 2011, of 2m55s and sets a new benchmark for a singular challenge.

The jeopardy-filled expostulate was a perfection of 3 months of use and set-up for Grant – to see a video of Terry’s preparations, visit:

Grant said: “I was repelled during how most faster a Juke NISMO RS was and to take 45 seconds off what was already a discerning time, was unbelievable.

“To mangle it by so most on my initial try was a good approach to flog off a weekend and I’m looking brazen to saying if we can go faster.”

The Juke NISMO RS is a prohibited new opening chronicle of Nissan’s renouned crossover, with years of racetrack birthright taken from a puzzling NISMO code marrying a Juke with considerable energy credentials, assertive styling and best doing capabilities.

The car’s two-wheeled antics was one of many highlights from a Goodwood Festival of Speed, that also featured a tellurian entrance of a Juke-R 2.0 judgment – a ultimate opening chronicle of a Juke.


Elsewhere, Nissan also showcased a other opening models, crossover choice and EV operation on a mount pressed with interactive practice and entrance to Nissan’s sports celebrity ambassadors, including Olympic cycling favourite incited sportscar racing driver, Sir Chris Hoy.

Nissan also gave divided 3 ‘golden ticket’ entries to a pioneering GT Academy competition, that will attempt to emanate nonetheless some-more code new racing drivers out of Gran Turismo 6 gamers when a Academy Race Camp kicks off in Abu Dhabi in October. Throughout a Goodwood weekend, motorsport fans were invited to take partial in practical races on a round PlayStation competition pods, with a tip racers going by to a array of activities and interviews.



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