Nissan: Nissan aiming to tighten LM P2 epoch with another feat during a 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans

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LE MANS, France – Nissan has been a widespread force in a LM P2 category given a entrance in 2011, and a form of a NISMO-powered teams so distant in 2016 continues to denote that opening advantage.

The 2016 deteriorate will be a final year of foe for a VK-spec energy plant with new LM P2 regulations kicking off a one-make engine regulation subsequent season.

Since creation a entrance during Sebring International Raceway during a opening turn of a Intercontinental Le Mans Challenge, Nissan has won 61 out of 66 races in a ILMC, FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series – a towering 92 percent win rate.

Last season, Nissan swept a FIA WEC championship with G-Drive Racing, a European Le Mans Series with Greaves Motorsport and took a fourth 24 Hours of Le Mans win with KCMG.

So widespread has a Nissan engine turn in a FIA WEC, each organisation entered in a LM P2 category in 2016 has selected NISMO-power.

In further to a 20 cars backing adult on a grid for a 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nissan will also energy all 22 LM P3 prototypes holding partial in a “Road to Le Mans” support race; it is scheduled for Saturday morning before to a immature dwindle for a 24 Hour.

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