Nissan: Nissan envoy Margot Robbie welcomes subsequent call in tolerable living

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PARIS – Academy-award nominated singer Margot Robbie pulls on a soppy fit and uses her adore of surfing to enthuse people to live some-more tolerable lives in her latest film for Nissan.

As Nissan’s Electric Vehicle and Sustainability Ambassador, a actress, writer and businesswoman has stoical an open minute to inspire people to make some-more tolerable appetite choices.
Robbie, who achieved a surfing method herself, is seen enjoying a early morning waves as she talks of formulating a “better universe for ourselves and everybody who comes after us.”

With offshore breeze farms and solar panels now accounting for two-thirds of new appetite combined to a world’s grid in 20161, Robbie explains that “we all have a appetite to make a change.”

“I wish we can play a tiny purpose in moving people opposite a creation to try choice forms of appetite and make a switch to expostulate a improved destiny for everyone,” pronounced Robbie. “The indicate is, we can all make a disproportion and we don’t need to wait for others to do it for us.”

Robbie recently helped Nissan betray a new Formula E automobile to a VIP crowd during an eventuality in Los Angeles, to applaud an sparkling epoch for Nissan as it prepares to enter a ABB FIA Formula E Championship in a 2018/19 season. The pierce will advantage all drivers – as Nissan has committed to holding lessons schooled on a lane into destiny blurb electric car development.


Academy Award-nominated singer Margot Robbie headlines Nissan Formula E launch debate event

Margot Robbie takes a circle for new Nissan sustainability projects during Nissan Futures 3.0

Nissan signs actor Margot Robbie as a initial electric car ambassador



“Nissan is committed to pioneering a destiny that empowers consumers to make a right choices in how they use and store energy,” pronounced Gareth Dunsmore, electric car director, Nissan Europe. “Our LEAF and e-NV200 models are not usually cleaner drives, they turn mobile appetite units too – a used batteries from these vehicles are put to good use as partial of a xStorage appetite storage resolution that provides appetite to homes and even football stadiums opposite a world.”

Nissan’s global electric car sales jumped 28% final mercantile year, when LEAF confirms a position of world’s best-selling electric vehicle. Nissan has sole some-more than 320,000 LEAFs given a indication was initial introduced in 2010.


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1. According to International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Renewables 2017 report

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