Nissan: Nissan among a tip tellurian immature brands for 2014

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YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan has again risen in a ranks of a world’s greenest brands. The association softened a position to fourth place in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands report, adult from fifth final year. The consult cited Nissan’s care in electric vehicles, desirous EV infrastructure devise and a support for a sustainability goals of governments. The immature code news ranks brands formed on a company’s environmental practices and customers’ perceptions of their eco-friendliness and amicable impact.

By ranking fourth in 2014, Nissan softened on a clever display final year when it changed adult 16 positions to moment Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brand tip 10 for a initial time.

“More and some-more people wish to buy products from brands that come from organizations they trust and trust in,” pronounced Roel De Vries, Nissan corporate clamp boss obliged for Global Marketing, Brand and Communications. “Best Green Global Brands is a thoughtfulness of all that we as a code do to make a universe a improved place. That we are famous this year as among a best is a acknowledgment we are on a right path.”

Electric vehicles (EV) offer no CO2 during operation and are widely famous as eco-friendly. The Nissan LEAF is a best-selling electric car in history, with some-more than 120,000 units sole given launch. It hold scarcely 50 percent of a tellurian EV marketplace share in 2013. Already winning a EV market, Nissan launched a second all-electric vehicle, a e-NV200 blurb van, in Jun 2014. Compared to blurb vehicles that use inner explosion engines, a e-NV200 offers reduced using costs as a zero-emission choice for civic load smoothness and cab companies.

Nissan is also operative to build infrastructure to accelerate uptake of EV technology. The association is aiming to triple a series of recharging inclination in vital U.S. cities over a subsequent 18 months. In Japan, there are some-more than 6,000 chargers accessible to a public, and Nissan is operative with attention players to speed adult a investiture of more. In Europe, 1,100 discerning chargers have been installed.

In Bhutan, Nissan is auxiliary with a supervision to modify a infancy of a vehicles to tolerable 100-percent electric power. The Nissan LEAF is slated to turn a car of choice for a Bhutanese supervision and taxicabs in a collateral city of Thimphu.

Blue Citizenship
Blue Citizenship is a joining of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to comprehend a prophesy of Enriching People’s Lives. We dedicate to a customers, shareholders, employees and a communities where we do business to broach engaging, profitable and tolerable mobility for all. Through a business activities, we aim to emanate mercantile value and to actively minister towards a growth of a tolerable society.

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