Nissan: Nissan announces the many adventurous motorsport foe yet

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MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – Nissan currently announced sum regarding to a new Canadian motorsport eventuality set to launch in Dec 2016, a Nissan Micra Warrior Trophy. After a successful initial year for a Canadian Nissan Micra Cup, and a certain greeting worldwide to a Rogue Warrior impassioned antecedent vehicle, Nissan will compound together a heading facilities of both initiatives – spec array racing, high-performance all-wheel expostulate lane complement and a Nissan Micra – for a winter motorsport foe distinct any other.

The Micra Warrior Trophy will be hold over one weekend – Dec 30-January 1, starting with a use and subordinate sessions on Friday, and one foe on both Saturday and Sunday. In thoughtfulness of a Nissan Micra Cup, this one of-a-kind spec array eventuality will also use a bottom Micra S 6MT, though it will be propitious with a heavy-duty lane complement identical to a one used on a Rogue Warrior measuring 28″/76 cm in height, 48″/122 cm in length and particular lane breadth of 36″/92 cm.

Modifications to all of a Micra Warrior Trophy units will be rubbed by one association – Alberta-based K10 Motorsports Inc. The foe will take place in Frozen Lake, Alberta, on a lane designed by Andros March, boss of Andros Advanced Motorsport. The circuit will be a multiple of ice and snow, and interpretation with a high stand adult Teatawn Mountain, whose rise sits 9,988 metres above sea level, and will plea drivers with a 75 grade slip for a impassioned ascending battle.  

A limit of 30 Micra Warrior vehicles will be authorised to participate, with a initial 10 spots open to meddlesome stream Micra Cup drivers and comparison by lottery. Drivers, organisation and their friends and family will be shipped to a custom-built lane by helicopter due to a remote location, that is approximately 1,300 km northwest of Fort McMurray, and famous to see unchanging sleet accumulation upwards of 38 centimetres in certain areas. Due to a plcae and potentially impassioned winter continue environment, Nissan will yield crews with a tiny swift of Nissan Rogue Warrior vehicles to use trackside and between lodgings during a Almera Mountainside resort.

The Micra Warrior Trophy will be managed and promoted by a hatchback attempt driver, Jack D’Hay who achieved worldwide celebrity in 2014 when his ice-racing and stunt-driving videos on his YouTube Channel – aptly named “SkidsWithoutFear” – went viral. D’Hay also has endless knowledge in spec-series racing on both a organisation and motorist side in Europe, he brings over twin decades of motorsport knowledge to a Micra Warrior Trophy. 

“I’ve been following a Nissan Micra Cup really closely given it launched final year in Quebec. we was repelled to learn a Micra Cup was a usually array of a kind in Canada, and we saw an eventuality to build on this fun and singular motorsport competition,” says Jack D’Hay, upholder of a Micra Warrior Trophy. “When we schooled some-more about a Nissan Rogue Warrior, we took it as a pointer to pierce brazen and pursue my thought of rising another spec series, and in winter conditions we know well. The Micra Warrior Trophy will make story as a many daring, and fun motorsport eventuality North America has seen yet.”

Full manners and regulations will be published Jun 31st. For some-more information, greatfully hit a Nissan Canada open family group (coordinates below) or array promoter, Jack D’Hay:


About a Nissan Micra Cup
Sanctioned by Auto Sport Québec (ASQ) and presented by JD Promotion Compétition with a support of Nissan Canada, a Nissan Micra Cup exclusively facilities a batch Micra 1.6 S M/T indication with teenager modifications, including NISMO cessation – to describe it race-ready.

Unlike many motorsport events, any competing Nissan Micra foe car had a accurate same specifications, ensuing in a foe that truly reveals a many learned drivers. The 2015 Nissan Micra Cup foe vehicles were versed with a Nissan Micra’s batch 1.6-litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine with twin fuel injection and Twin CVTC (Continuously Variable Timing Control) and batch 5-speed primer transmission. In 2015, some-more than 25 Nissan Micras competed on any foe weekend that enclosed twin hours of lane time consisting of: a 30-minute trial, a 30-minute subordinate event and twin 30-minute races.

Young karting drivers, a normal Canadian looking for an entrance indicate into motorsport competition, or anyone who wants to knowledge a rush of adrenaline fundamental with racing cars are all befitting to this series. In summary, a Nissan Micra Cup is for people who are ardent about motorsports, wish to knowledge all a fun and thrills of racing, though but spending towering amounts of money.


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