Nissan: Nissan BladeGlider brings slicing corner Intelligent Mobility to life

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  • Advanced full-electric battery powertrain with overwhelming opening and energetic handling
  • Zero-emission pushing fun with executive pushing position and twin newcomer seats behind

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. currently denounced a operative antecedent of a unconventional Nissan BladeGlider vehicle, mixing zero-emissions with high-performance in a insubordinate sports automobile design.

The vehicles, grown from judgment cars initial shown during a Tokyo Auto Show in 2013, have arrived in Brazil to designate destiny technologies that will mix Intelligent Mobility, environmentally accessible impact and sports-car pushing capabilities.

Carlos Ghosn, boss and arch executive officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. said: “These prototypes shorten Nissan’s expostulate to enhance a Intelligent Mobility strategy, where pushing pleasure combines with environmental responsibility. Nissan believes that enthusiasts should demeanour brazen to a 0 glimmer destiny and Nissan BladeGlider is a ideal proof of that. It’s a electric automobile for automobile lovers.”

The entrance of a Nissan Bladeglider prototypes forms partial of Nissan’s persisting joining to a growth of zero-emission vehicles and new automotive technologies including unconstrained expostulate systems and connectivity. Nissan already sells a world’s highest-volume zero-emission car, a LEAF, and is pioneering Intelligent Mobility systems that will be deployed in a operation of vehicles over entrance years.

With a Nissan Bladeglider, Nissan’s prophesy was for an agile, fit EV that would yield new measure of pushing fun and fad – a automobile that would “glide,” interjection to a near-silent opening of a electric powertrain and aerodynamic shape.

After twin years of work on design, engineering and development, Nissan BladeGlider has grown serve into an exciting, real-life investigate into a intensity of modernized EV performance. Nissan BladeGlider epitomizes Intelligent Mobility, a truth to make a cars some-more sparkling by redefining how they are driven, powered and integrated into society.

The proof models underline an modernized framework pattern with a slight front lane and wider behind lane for best aerodynamic potency and doing stability.

High-waisted, rear-hinged dihedral doors yield a thespian entrance and exit to a cabin. The open roof of Nissan BladeGlider is reinforced with an integrated roll-over insurance structure, providing a enthusiasm of an open-topped competition automobile with a reserve of a coupe.

Wheel-mounted controls for Nissan BladeGlider’s systems feed into an modernized arrangement arrangement speed, state of battery charge, metamorphosis mode and torque map. Flanking a executive arrangement are twin screens, with a images of rear-view cameras mounted only behind a front wheels. An choice to door-mounted mirrors, this twin shade pattern improves a aerodynamic potency of Nissan BladeGlider. The motorist sits in arrowhead arrangement somewhat in front of twin passengers, who suffer extended legroom. The perspective for all occupants is breathtaking interjection to a seamless cockpit windscreen.

Power is 100 percent electric, with well-developed powertrain opening delivered by Nissan’s technical partner for a Nissan BladeGlider project, UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering. Maximum speed of a proof models is in additional of 190km/h*, with 0-100km/h holding reduction than 5 seconds*. The behind wheels’ expostulate is supposing by twin 130kW electric motors – one for any wheel.

The complement facilities torque vectoring, determining a torque delivered to a driven wheels, improving a doing even further. With torque vectoring, if a automobile starts to understeer, it automatically sends some-more torque to a outward circle to revive a doing balance.

Designed to supplement to a pushing knowledge rather than oversee it, a torque vectoring complement has 3 settings: off, flexible and deposit mode.

Power is granted by a high performance, 5 procedure lithium-ion 220kW battery. Bespoke cooling systems have been grown for both a battery and a motors.

The interior of a Nissan BladeGlider reflects a vehicles’ sporting intentions, with 4 indicate reserve harnesses for any occupant. The seats offer well-developed support to sides and legs of a motorist and passengers. The seats are embellished in a rarely pleasing mix of fabric and glue creosote coating, ensuing in a tough and grippy element that has a outcome of absolutely securing occupants in place.

Two tone trims – Cyber Green and Stealth Orange – are used for a top portions of a chair behind and framed with a china contemplative element to emanate an eye-catching, sporty look. The bottom of a seats is in black, patterned material, with a rope of immature and orange trim framing a cushion.

Two Nissan BladeGliders will be presented in Rio de Janeiro in August. One will be on immobile arrangement in Rio while a second will be charity energetic rides to media and VIPs.

*Figures available by Williams Advanced Engineering



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