Nissan: Nissan Canada celebrates Earth Day by examining EVs’ impact on a universe we expostulate in

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If 10 per cent of Canadians switched to an electric vehicle, a normal annual CO2 emissions saved would be over 11-million metric tons1

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Apr 22nd outlines Earth Day – a tellurian eventuality now in a 48th year, and potentially a largest civic-focused day of movement celebrated worldwide.

Keeping in mind a stress to Canadians, and a flourishing direct for lifestyle changes that not usually advantage people though also strengthen a environment, Nissan Canada looked during a impact of electric vehicles on a universe we expostulate in. The ensuing infographic examines several financial and environmental impacts.  

Download infographic, here.

Some engaging findings:

  • EV direct is on a rise. Although EV marketplace share sits next 2 per cent, that figure has nowhere to go though up. Sales are adult +120 per cent year-over-year in Ontario and +68 per cent nationally.
  • Not usually can EVs assistance strengthen a immature on a planet, though they can assistance keep a immature in your wallet. Canadians would save an estimated normal of $1,936.80 annually in fuel alone. Additionally, provincial governments offer inducement programs trimming from $5,000 – $14,000 per EV purchased.
  • If usually 10 per cent of Canadians switched to EVs, a CO2 saved would be homogeneous to:
    • Planting 292,483,050 tree seedlings and vouchsafing them grow for 10 years
    • Recycling 568,353 rubbish trucks full of waste
    • Shutting off 807,850 homes’ electricity for one year.

    Economic and environmental considerations are a large reason because sales continue to climb. With a superiority of EVs on a rise, difficulty leaders – such as a best-selling Nissan LEAF – are primed to surge.

    The 2018 Nissan LEAF. Download image,
    here. B-roll footage available, here.

    1. Statistics Canada, United States Environmental Protection Agency

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