Nissan: Nissan celebrates fifth anniversary of all-electric LEAF

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2016 Nissan LEAF Press Kit



NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan is celebrating 5 years during a forefront of a electric automobile (EV) marketplace with a record-breaking 100-percent electric automobile Nissan LEAF. Having remade a performance, practicality and open notice of EVs around a universe given a launch in 2010, Nissan stays a undisputed personality in EV technology.

Five years of ground-breaking success

The Nissan LEAF is as modernized and innovative currently as it was 5 years ago. No other manufacturer has constructed as many electric vehicles or lonesome as many stretch but producing any emissions. In fact, Nissan LEAF business only surpassed a 1.2 billion-mile symbol (two billion kilometers), that is homogeneous to 2600 turn trips from a Earth to a moon. This conspicuous attainment has helped keep 328,482 tons of CO from entering a air, according to a five-year sales-volume formed assumption.

Nissan will broach a 200,000th LEAF in January, strictly creation it a world’s many renouned and successful electric vehicle. The U.S., Japan and Europe have accounted for 90 percent of sum LEAF sales, with a U.S. heading a approach with scarcely 90,000 sales, followed by Japan (50,000) and Europe (40,000).

Ever given a initial Nissan LEAF rolled off a public line, it has been ceaselessly distinguished around a world, garnering some-more than 92 awards, including being named Car of a Year in Japan and Europe, not to discuss winning a really prestigious World Car of a Year.


After a war, in a switch from warrior craft make to peacetime attention in Japan, Tachikawa Aircraft (later Tama Cars Co.) embarked on a growth of electric vehicles. One reason for this was a impassioned necessity of gasoline during a time. In 1947, a association succeeded in formulating a antecedent two-seater lorry (500kg bucket capacity) with a 4.5hp engine and a new physique design. It was named “Tama” after a area where it was produced. Read some-more about a Tama, and other Nissan EV history, here.


Nissan’s birthright with electric vehicles dates behind 68 years with a Tama Electric Vehicle. Nissan, that has dedicated itself to in-house investigate and growth of a EV battery, has taken it from zinc and nickel hydride to lithium-ion. The association successfully marketed a world’s initial lithium-ion battery EV in 1996 with a Prairie Joy EV. The believe and gifted gained from this gave Nissan a large advantage over a competitors and resulted in a initial mass-produced EV in history, a Nissan LEAF.

Nissan has announced that it has invested some-more than 500 billion JPY in EV projects, with confidant skeleton to enhance serve as direct for clean, fit and affordable electric cars continues to grow.

And it’s not only a LEAF that is showcasing Nissan’s EV engineering imagination and investment, as a association has reported that there are scarcely 10,000 CHAdeMO Quick Chargers (QC) accessible worldwide. These QC can assign a LEAF from low battery warning to 80-percent ability in only 30 minutes. Japan is holding a lead in building this infrastructure with 6000 chargers via a country, creation it a biggest QC network in a world.


Hideaki Horie has had an well-developed career during Nissan, with dual vital pursuit titles of distinction: comparison creation researcher during Nissan Motor Company and plan highbrow during a Institute of Industrial Science of a University of Tokyo. Horie led a group of people who worked on a investigate and growth of a lithium-ion batteries used in a Nissan LEAF range. “I am a stickler for compliance,” pronounced Horie. “I work on automobile batteries during Nissan, and we control investigate on destiny batteries for still power-plant applications during a university.” Read some-more about Nissan’s EV birthright and Nissan Legend Hideaki Horie here.


Building a new EV destiny – The subsequent 5 years

The 2016 Nissan LEAF went on sale versed with a new 30kWh battery in a U.S. in Nov that extends a miles per assign by some-more than 20 percent, followed by Japan (December 2015) and Europe (January 2016).

As a turn of electric automobile record continues to increase, Nissan believes that this change towards cleaner, some-more fit 0 glimmer vehicles will minister severely in improving atmosphere peculiarity and obscure sound levels.

“EV record will continue to be during a heart of Nissan’s product growth efforts,” pronounced Nissan boss and CEO Carlos Ghosn. “By mixing a pioneering EV technologies and other comprehension and innovations, Nissan is relocating closer to a zero-emission destiny for automobile transportation. With a technologies we are creating, mobility is apropos safer, cleaner, some-more connected and some-more exciting. That’s a energy of innovation.  And that’s what we can design from Nissan.”

Nissan will accelerate a endeavors for a fulfilment of a 0 glimmer multitude by serve building and popularizing EVs as good as innovations utilizing EV-related record and business


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