Nissan: Nissan completes bustling LM P1 exam during Le Mans

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  • Nissan GT-R LM NISMO runs in open for a initial time during a central Le Mans test
  • Three Nissan LM P1 cars take to a lane in credentials for a Le Mans 24 Hours
  • Sir Chris Hoy takes subsequent step on his Road to Le Mans
  • Gaetan Paletou gets his initial ambience of Le Mans 10 months after winning GT Academy

LE MANS, France Nissan currently finished an endless exam module during Le Mans during a central exam day. The 3 Nissan GT-R LM NISMOs were a initial cars on lane when a morning event went green, prepared to work by a extensive exam module to dial a cars into a singular Le Mans circuit. 

All 3 cars ran opposite exam programs currently in sequence to get by a immeasurable volume of work compulsory during this theatre of a car’s development. 

Most of a day’s using was run in soppy conditions with conjunction a No.23, 22 or a retro-liveried No.21 machines recording a deputy dry continue time.

To entirely concentration on a growth of a cars, Nissan’s Le Mans rookies – Super GT Champion Tsugio Matsuda, ex-F1 racer Max Chilton and Nissan GT star Alex Buncombe – jumped into a #75 Ginetta-Nissan LM P3 cars to finish a imperative 10 laps for new entrants during Le Mans.

“I’ve watched so many laps of Le Mans on a TV given we was a kid,” pronounced Chilton. “Today we got to see it from a driver’s perspective, and we unequivocally enjoyed it. The conditions weren’t a best, though I’m unequivocally looking brazen to racing here.”

The group was gratified with a gait of a GT-R LM NISMO during a finish of a day while using on middle rubber, with Jann Mardenborough being one of usually dual cars recording laps underneath a four-minute mark.

“We weren’t chasing headlines today, pronounced Team Principal and Technical Director, Ben Bowlby. “It was all about training and recording information as partial of a credentials for a Le Mans debut. At a finish of a day, a times in a damp conditions were competitive, and during a morning runs we available a dual fastest loyal line speeds overall. We know we have a large training bend forward of us bringing this singular front-engined, front-wheel expostulate automobile to Le Mans. But after a initial day here, we have 3 loyal cars in a garage and plateau of information for a engineers to study.”

The Nissan group will bottom itself here during Le Mans for a subsequent week before a 3 GT-R LM NISMOs are presented for scrutineering for a competition subsequent Sunday.

Sir Chris Hoy Realizes a Childhood Dream during Le Mans

Since dogmatic his goal to competition in a Le Mans 24 Hours in 2016, Sir Chris Hoy has been an A-grade tyro of Nissan’s motorist growth program. With a inclusion of a LM P3 cars during a central Le Mans Test Day, Hoy got his initial ambience of a Le Mans circuit today.

“That was all we approaching it to be and more,” pronounced Hoy. “I spent a initial dual laps thinking, ‘Wow, I’m on a Mulsanne Straight,’ and ‘Wow, I’m going by a Porsche Curves.’ But afterwards we got down to business and started to work on removing my times down. During a dry using we was usually over 4 seconds off my teammate, though we was gratified with that as we wasn’t pushing, usually training a track. It was good to get some soppy using too as now we know where a unequivocally sleazy tools of a lane are. The lane is extraordinary with so many implausible corners. It is really sparkling to expostulate here.”

First Run during Le Mans for French Winner of GT Academy

The dreams of a Frenchman came loyal currently when Gaetan Paletou, leader of 2014 GT Academy Europe, took to a lane during Le Mans for a really initial time.  Driving a Greaves Gibson-Nissan LM P2 car, Paletou put in a veteran opening during a exam day, generally deliberation that he has usually been a racing motorist for 10 months.

“This is a second time we have tested a Greaves car, though my initial time during Le Mans,” pronounced Paletou. “When we listened that we had a event to exam during Le Mans, we was excited, and we was right to be as a lane is magic. It isn’t a many formidable track, though it is really impressive. It’s tough to contend that partial of a lane is a best, though we desired a Porsche Curves, and a final dilemma is also fun as it is wily to get right.  we desired pushing a P2 car; it’s around 20 seconds a path faster than a P3 automobile here, with a biggest differences being in a opening of a brakes and a downforce.”



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