Nissan: Nissan congratulates a City of Montreal for appropriation 100 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles

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MONTREAL, Que. – In a entrance weeks, a City of Montreal will take smoothness of 100 new 2018 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles for a fleet. The totally redesigned Nissan LEAF embodies Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, featuring Nissan’s latest record such as ProPILOT Assist and e-Pedal, an increasing operation of 242 kilometres and several facilities propitious as customary for Canada. On-sale worldwide given early 2018, a 2018 Nissan LEAF has already perceived general accolades, including the “2018 Best of Innovation” leader during a annual “Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Unveiled” ceremony, presented by a Consumer Technology Association, and a “2018 World Green Car” by a World Car Awards. 

The City of Montreal acquired a initial all-electric car in 2009. The Nissan LEAF arrived in Canada in 2011, and a City of Montreal really fast integrated it into a swift of vehicles. The City now has 129 entirely electric vehicles, 107 of that are first-generation Nissan LEAF.

“In 2005, a City of Montreal committed to shortening a hothouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 per cent by 2020 compared to a 1990 emissions. One of a many critical means of combating hothouse gas emissions includes a foundation of partial of a car fleet, and we take this tip priority really seriously. For example, a City of Montreal owned 18 entirely electric vehicles in 2015, it now owns 129 and it will possess tighten to 230 by a finish of a year. The further of 100 new Nissan LEAF fully-electric vehicles into a swift is really good news,” pronounced Plante.

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“We are gay to see a joining of a City of Montreal to zero-emission mobility and to see that a Nissan LEAF will play a vital purpose in assisting them grasp their goals,” pronounced Joni Paiva, President of Nissan Canada Inc. “The Nissan LEAF is a ideal car for corporate fleets and a City of Montreal is a good example. They solemnly integrated EV vehicles into their swift over a past integrate of years, that authorised a reserved drivers to get informed with this new approach of driving. The Nissan LEAF offers a really constrained value proposition, generally for swift operators. The Nissan LEAF dramatically reduces a costs of unchanging upkeep time and costs due to not carrying an engine, and now some-more than ever, there’s poignant assets when pushing fully-electric,” continued Paiva.

Since a Canadian launched in 2011, 50 per cent of LEAF sales have been in Quebec.

“Quebec is a essential marketplace for Nissan, and we am really unapproachable to see how this village has altered dramatically in new years to adopt new measures to welcome electric mobility. This starts with building a open charging infrastructure network opposite a province, a plan in that we participated as a partner with a Electric Circuit to promote entrance to discerning charging stations. In addition, we salute a joining of residents, businesses and associations who, like a City of Montreal, have done a jump towards a adoption of 100 per cent electric vehicles and have turn ambassadors of zero-emission mobility,” continued Paiva.

The City of Montreal will take possession of 100 new 2018 Nissan LEAF vehicles in a entrance weeks. In total, a City’s swift will embody some-more than 200 initial and second-generation Nissan LEAFs. The vehicles will be used to accommodate several needs, though quite for investigation services, quite in a building sector, or for open services in a architectural, landscaping, civic formulation and civic growth sectors.

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