Nissan: Nissan Design Europe outlines 15 years of success

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  • Popular Nissan Qashqai and Juke crossovers started life during Nissan Design Europe (NDE)
  • Former graffiti-covered ride repository now world-class pattern studio
  • To applaud pivotal anniversary, Mamoru Aoki, clamp president, NDE, reveals his list of NDE’s 15 many poignant vehicles – cars and LCVs – given 2003

PARIS – Nissan Design Europe, a brand’s world-class artistic heart and starting indicate for some of today’s many renouned and innovative models, this month celebrates 15 years during a stream home.

The studio strictly non-stop a doors for business on Jan 25, 2003 in a Paddington area of London. It followed an endless restoration module that remade a outworn and graffiti-covered ride repository – strictly called The Rotunda – into an ultra-cool civic pattern space.

Known internally as NDE, for a decade and a half it has been during a heart of Nissan’s success in Europe – quite on crossovers. The strange Nissan Qashqai judgment (2003) began life on a sketch play of NDE, as have all a prolongation versions that followed.

NDE has also been a pushing force behind a Qashqai’s baby brother, a Nissan Juke. The initial hints of a robust position seemed on a Qazana judgment (2009).

Together they pioneered direct for crossovers, and have remade a European automotive landscape as any other code followed Nissan’s lead.

A European pattern studio for Infiniti, Nissan’s reward brand, non-stop on site in 2014.

“NDE has finished an superb grant to Nissan’s tellurian product operation of today, generally with a Qashqai and Juke, that have delivered new levels of choice, flexibility and origination for consumers,” pronounced Mamoru Aoki, clamp president, Nissan Design Europe.

To applaud 15 years in a stream London home, Aoki has combined a personal list of his 15 favorite designs of a final 15 years (see below). It includes his thoughts on since any indication – a brew of judgment cars and prolongation vehicles from Nissan and Infiniti – justifies a place on his list.

“Nissan Design Europe arrived during The Rotunda in 2003, when a pattern ethos was ‘bold and thoughtful,'” pronounced Aoki. “In a time since, a judgment cars and prolongation vehicles that have started life in that building all clearly arrangement those dual characteristics.”

Nissan’s innovative proceed to automotive pattern continues with a latest European model, a new Nissan LEAF, that goes on sale from subsequent month. It is a idol of a Nissan Intelligent Mobility prophesy for a some-more exciting, some-more assured and some-more connected future.

“We are celebrating a 15th anniversary this month, though it is usually a start,” pronounced Aoki. “We have a gifted group during NDE today, operative tough to continue a Nissan success story in Europe for another 15 years and beyond.”

Below is a list of 15 vehicles (in sequential order) combined during from NDE over a final 15 years. With any entrance is a quote from Aoki about since it’s poignant and deserves a place on his list.

Qashqai judgment (2003)
“Previewed Nissan’s skeleton to innovate and emanate a new form of vehicle. It was a starting indicate for what is now a hugely renouned European crossover segment.”



Micra c+c (2005)
“The Micra was already full of impression and a tiny automobile idol around a world, though this unequivocally emphasized a cuteness.”



Terranaut judgment (2006)
“A preview of a Nissan Pathfinder SUV, singly focused on adventurers, scientists and geologists who transport to impassioned regions all over a globe.”



Qashqai (2007)
“Nissan’s initial C-segment crossover. By a finish of 2007, Nissan had sole roughly 100,000 in Europe. The indication encouragement in 2010 was also unequivocally successful.”



NV200 judgment (2007)
“An innovative brew of mobile bureau and application automobile in one singular package. The active, intelligent person’s dream vehicle, formed on a NV200 van.”



Qazana judgment (2009)
“Following a Qashqai’s success, this previewed Nissan’s devise for a smaller crossover. The judgment and a styling were confidant and unique.”



Juke (2010)
“Nissan’s initial B-segment crossover for consumers. An idol of Nissan design, it was serve explanation of a high intensity of what could be combined during NDE.”



Qashqai (2013)
“The second era of Qashqai. It was a large step brazen in roughly any way, while gripping a practicality and on-road opening – a ‘Qashqai-ness’ – of a original.”



Nissan Concept 2020 (2014)
“A masterpiece of automotive design, combined to showcase a destiny Nissan pattern instruction that we call ‘Emotional Geometry’.”



Infiniti Emerg-E judgment (2014)
“The ultimate countenance of Infiniti, Nissan’s reward brand, that blends desirous opening and destiny pattern instruction with 0 emissions.”



Gripz judgment (2015)
“A investigate of a near-future B-segment crossover blended with sports automobile characteristics. It also shows destiny Nissan pattern direction, and is unchanging with a prophesy of a Concept 2020.”


Infiniti QX30 judgment (2015)
“Infiniti’s pattern prophesy for a new reward compress crossover, targeting a new
generation of individualistic reward customer. It led to a QX30 prolongation vehicle.”



BladeGlider antecedent (2016)
“A futuristic, high opening EV in a insubordinate sports automobile design. A using prototype, it has been hugely renouned wherever it has been seen all around a world.”


Navara EnGuard judgment (2016)
“Shows a intensity aftermarket customization instruction for Navara, with innovative use of Nissan EV batteries to emanate unstable appetite units for businesses that work remotely.”


Infiniti Q60 Project Black S (2017)
“Explores a intensity for a new Infiniti high-performance indication line. A radical reinterpretation of a Q60 coupe, hinting during a opening hybrid powertrain and desirous by Formula One appetite liberation systems.”



The story of Nissan Design Europe…and how London graffiti helped emanate a crossover segment

Nissan Design Europe (NDE) initial non-stop a doors in 1990, and was located in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK. Then, as now, it is a home of Nissan Technical Center Europe (NTCE).

Initially a pattern work finished by NDE was to support production during a plant (NMUK), in Sunderland, UK.

In 1992 NDE relocated to Wolfratshausen, a city in Germany to a south of Munich. The pierce authorised NDE to enhance a subtract and work on formulating new models, sketch in gifted designers from Germany and Italy.

In 2000 a preference was taken to pierce NDE to London – one of a world’s vital artistic hubs. As a city was home to an determined and different general population, it was a ideal sourroundings for Nissan’s multicultural pattern team.

Senior government believed a pierce to London would enthuse a outrageous artistic mutation they knew Nissan indispensable to be successful in Europe. It would also concede NDE to build stronger family with NTCE and NMUK.

The brief from Shiro Nakamura, during a time comparison clamp boss and conduct of design, Nissan Motor Company, was to find a “landmark building” in London. A internal skill association was given a task, and a hunt stretched from a fast-redeveloping Docklands area in a city’s easterly to around Heathrow airfield in a west.

The list of buildings put on a shortlist to revisit enclosed one called The Rotunda, an surprising oval-shaped petrify building in Paddington, an area to a north of London’s famous Hyde Park.

The Rotunda was designed in a mid-1960s by engineer Paul Hamilton as a highway automobile upkeep repository for British Rail, though had been deserted during a 1980s and depressed into disrepair.

Dave Godsell, now a pattern devise manager, was partial of a group that finished a initial revisit to The Rotunda. He commented: “It was a genuine disaster and full of water, though such a cold building. We sent photos behind to Japan, and eventually Carlos Ghosn [at a time boss and CEO of Nissan Motor Company] came to have a look. We were vacant when he concluded to it since it indispensable prophesy to see a potential. A unequivocally dauntless decision, though we consider it paid off.”

Vision was accurately what was needed. Officially located during 181 Harrow Rd, London, W2 6NB, The Rotunda was also lonesome in graffiti and a executive standing as a “listed building” meant that couldn’t be spotless off.

It was also not easy to get to. Located roughly underneath an towering territory of a A40, a pivotal highway into a city from a west, The Rotunda was situated usually meters from a Grand Union Canal. For anyone operative there or visiting, it would usually be permitted by walking on a draw trail immediately subsequent to a water.

What it had was potential. The open-plan site meant a atmospheric interior that could be remade into a tailor-made civic pattern studio.

Work began in 2002 with a devise for 3 floors of workshops, offices and artistic facilities. The interior was formed on a Japanese judgment of “wa” (meaning harmony) and reflected a alloy of Japanese and European informative and pattern influences. As for a graffiti, it was simply lonesome adult with wall cladding, that stays there to this day.

The new NDE strictly non-stop for business on Jan 25, 2003 as a newest of 4 worldwide pattern studios. The others are a Global Design Center in Atsugi, Japan, and San Diego, USA and Beijing, China.

The opening rite in London was attended by both Carlos Ghosn and Shiro Nakamura. At a event, Carlos Ghosn commented: “Design is elemental during Nissan. [Opening Nissan Design Europe] is a proof of a value we place on design, as we continue to emanate and launch sparkling and appealing cars specifically designed with European business in mind.”

In 2003, The Rotunda became home to approximately 50 automotive designers, modelers and support staff. In partnership with colleagues around a world, their purpose – afterwards as now – was to detect and pattern a subsequent era of sparkling models for European customers. That enclosed operative collaboratively with a engineering teams during NTCE, and production operations during NMUK and in Barcelona, Spain (NMISA).

Mat Weaver, during a time a comparison designer, now pattern executive during NDE, was one of those concerned right from a start. He described it as “one of a many unusual durations of my career.”

“There was a newly found pioneering suggestion about a whole association and NDE was unequivocally most executive to that within Europe,” pronounced Weaver. “We were during a tallness of a ‘turnaround’ proviso and a genius of ‘bold and thoughtful’ was a mantra. We knew Nissan had to make immeasurable gains quickly, so for a engineer it was a stirring time.”

In 2003 a NDE group had finished work on a next-generation Almera, Nissan’s C-segment hatchback. But designers had been challenged by Carlos Ghosn as to either it was a right product for a business.

That doubt noted a start of an tour that altered a automotive landscape in Europe. In and with colleagues during NTCE and product planning, NDE designers began a tour that would eventually lead to origination of a Nissan Qashqai – and a commencement of a crossover shred in Europe.

“The story of The Rotunda and a approach we found it before we changed in was partial of a impulse for a Qashqai concept,” pronounced Weaver. “The graffiti in a building was used to enthuse a interior fabric and helped promulgate a ‘urban crossover’ thesis of a vehicle.”


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