Nissan: Nissan finds out what’s removing soccer fans vehement forward of UEFA Champions League return

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  • The Nissan Excitement Index shows European soccer fans are many vehement to see Leicester City FC make a contest debut
  • Despite their excitement, usually 1 percent of Europeans trust Leicester City FC mount any possibility of winning a competition
  • UEFA’s Best Player in Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo, takes Lionel Messi’s pretension as a many sparkling player

ROLLE, Switzerland – With a lapse of a many sparkling soccer contest on a planet, Nissan, central tellurian automotive unite of a UEFA Champions League, has unclosed a moments, players and teams Europeans are many vehement to see this season.

The second annual Nissan Excitement Index has kicked off by divulgence Leicester City FC’s attainment into a contest is a many expected impulse opposite Europe (50 percent). However, notwithstanding a fad around a English club’s entrance in a competition, usually 1 percent of fans trust they indeed mount a possibility of winning a desired trophy.

When asked to name their tip 3 players, Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored a wilful chastisement in final season’s final in Milan and picked adult a UEFA Best Player in Europe award, was also voted by Europeans as a many sparkling actor (55 percent). He overtook FC Barcelona opposition Lionel Messi – a favorite from 2015 – who was voted second many sparkling (45 percent). UEFA Euro 2016’s actor of a tournament, Antoine Greizmann, was comparison as a third many sparkling (33 percent).

Following a bustling summer on a send market, a Nissan Excitement Index also asked Europeans to share a tip 3 movements that got them many excited. Alvaro Morata’s attainment during Real Madrid CF and Gonzalo Higuain’s send to Juventus FC were jointly comparison (40 percent) as a many stirring transfers of a summer. They were closely followed by Mario Gotze’s change from FC Bayern Munich to Borussia Dortmund (35 percent).

When it came to predictions for a stirring season, Europeans believed FC Barcelona (23 percent) will delight over their rivals Real Madrid CF (19 percent) when it comes to lifting a famous prize in Cardiff subsequent June.


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Following commentary in a 2015-16 Nissan Excitement Index, that Europeans get some-more vehement about soccer than sex*, investigate forward of a new deteriorate has highlighted that winning a UEFA Champions League is deemed some-more sparkling (29 percent) than removing intent (16 percent), graduating (24 percent) or securing graduation or compensate arise (21 percent). One in 10 even claimed they would skip a birth of their possess child if it meant creation it to a UEFA Champions League match.

Throughout a march of a arriving deteriorate Nissan, will continue to excavate into a scholarship of what creates soccer so exciting. After partnering with sports scholarship experts during Loughborough University during a 2015-16 deteriorate to emanate a systematic regulation for an sparkling soccer match, Nissan will continue to share information on a goals, players and games that keep us on a corner of a seat, while stability to try a scholarship behind fad with Loughborough University’s group of experts.

“At Nissan, we are dedicated to bringing creation and fad to everyone, and as we get prepared to flog off a third deteriorate in a UEFA Champions League this has never been some-more relevant,” pronounced Jean-Pierre Diernaz, clamp boss for Marketing, Nissan Europe. “Throughout a entrance months, a aim is stability fueling soccer fan fad in a truly innovative proceed around a partnership with Loughborough University. In further to a work we have finished on fad in soccer, we’re also penetrating to demeanour during fad off a pitch, associated to some of a new Nissan models we are rising this year. In further we’ll also be adding new ‘engineers of excitement’ to a group and stability to use innovative amicable media platforms to rivet with fans. We are vehement to get started on what we’re certain will be another truly noted season.”

UEFA and Nissan: The Milan Match (2016)


UEFA Sponsorship Scores First Year Goal for Nissan (2015)


Nissan Excitement Index 2.0 – Summary of pivotal results:

Europeans determine – Cristiano Ronaldo is a many sparkling player

  • Overall, Europeans deliberate Cristiano Ronaldo (55 percent), Lionel Messi (45 percent) and Antoine Griezmann (33 percent) to be a many sparkling players from final deteriorate of a UEFA Champions League, when asked to name their tip three. 2016 has seen a decrease in fad for Lionel Messi – a favorite in 2015 with 69 percent similar – in place of Cristiano Ronaldo, who also recently won a UEFA Best Player in Europe award.
  • In a UK, roughly half (47 percent) deliberate Gareth Bale to be many sparkling (25 percent EU average), while 22 percent of Germans suspicion Julian Draxler was many sparkling (7 percent EU average) and one in 4 (24 percent) Spaniards deliberate Luis Suarez to be one of a many sparkling players (15 percent EU average)

Leicester City FC’s attainment is a many expected moment

  • When it comes to a arriving season, a many expected impulse for Europeans altogether is saying Leicester City FC play in a contest for a initial time – one in dual determine they’re vehement about this (50 percent).
  • Despite their excitement, usually 1 percent of Europeans consider that Leicester City FC mount a possibility during winning
  • Those in France (50 percent) and Spain (47 percent) are many vehement about saying Real Madrid CF’s initial diversion as fortifying champions
  • The youngest demographic – 18-24 year olds – are a many vehement about conference a UEFA Champions League anthem for a initial time (55 percent), fifteen points aloft than a average

Morata and Higuain – a many sparkling transfers of a summer

  • On average, Europeans are many vehement about saying Alvaro Morata send to Real Madrid CF (40 percent) and Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus FC (40 percent). 
  • However, those in Germany were reduction vehement about these transfers – unsurprisingly, they’re many vehement for German teams: Mario Gotze’s send to Borussia Dortmund (82 percent), and a attainment of Mats Hummels (81 percent) and Renato Sanches (67 percent) during FC Bayern Munich 
  • In Italy, over half of respondents are vehement about Miralem Pjanic entrance to Juventus FC (57 percent) – 36 points aloft than a normal for all Europeans 

FC Barcelona – Champions in Cardiff?

  • European soccer fans trust FC Barcelona will take home a UEFA Champions League prize this deteriorate (23 percent) 
  • However, those in Germany are rooting for their home republic teams: 45 percent consider that FC Bayern Munich will win (17 percent EU average), and 13 percent consider Borussia Dortmund are in with a possibility (4 percent EU average) 
  • This home republic support is seen opposite markets: one in 10 in a UK consider Arsenal FC will win this deteriorate (10 percent), and one in 5 in France consider Paris Saint-Germain will (20 percent), above a European normal in both cases

About Nissan in Sport
The UEFA Champions League partnership is another instance of Nissan’s loyalty and expansion in tellurian sports that also includes a International Cricket Council (ICC), Nissan Brazil’s unapproachable sponsorship of a Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Team Brazil and Brazil Paralympic Delegation, central sponsorship of a Colombia and Mexico Olympic Teams in their particular regions, Team GB and Paralympics GB in a UK, Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2013 and 2015, NCAA Soccer, Canadian Soccer League, corporate partner for Heisman Trust/Heisman Trophy and a central tellurian automotive partner of City Soccer Group. In addition, Nissan has a series of sporting ambassadors including Andrés Iniesta. Outside of soccer, Nissan is creation sparkling advances in technology, engineering and styling. This is demonstrated in a world’s best-selling electric vehicle, a Nissan LEAF, and Nissan GT-R supercar.

About Nissan in Europe
Nissan has one of a many extensive European presences of any abroad manufacturer, contracting some-more than 17,000 staff opposite locally formed design, investigate development, manufacturing, logistics and sales selling operations. Last year Nissan plants in a UK, Spain and Russia constructed some-more than 635,000 vehicles including award-winning crossovers, blurb vehicles and a Nissan LEAF, a world’s many renouned electric vehicle. Pursuing a idea of 0 emissions and 0 fatalities on a road, Nissan recently announced a Intelligent Mobility vision. Designed to beam Nissan’s product and record pipeline, this 360-degree proceed to a destiny of mobility will anchor vicious association decisions around how cars are powered, how cars are driven, and how cars confederate into society. Nissan is positioned to turn a many fascinating Asian code in Europe.


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*Survey of over 5,024 European consumers conducted by Norstat Ltd. on interest of Nissan Europe in Aug 2016 (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

** Survey of over 5,000 European consumers conducted by Norstat Ltd. on interest of Nissan Europe in Feb 2016 (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

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