Nissan: Nissan GT-R takes feat in both GT500 and GT300 Class during Fuji Speedway

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Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka-pref., Japan – Nissan and NISMO have dominated a second turn of a 2016 Super GT Championship, winning both a GT500 and GT300 classes during Fuji International Speedway.

Held on a Wednesday as partial of Japan’s Golden Week celebrations, a #1 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R of Ronnie Quintarelli and Tsugio Matsuda took their second uninterrupted feat of 2016 after prior competition personality JP de Oliveira suffered a tire disaster with usually 4 laps remaining – expelling a #12 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R.

In GT300, a No.3 B-MAX NDDP GT-R charged to feat with former GT Academy leader Jann Mardenborough holding his initial win in Japan in usually his second Super GT competition start with Kazuki Hoshino.

The GT-R double win mirrored Nissan’s outcome here final year during Fuji when they won both classes in a 500km race.

The opening laps of a competition had de Oliveira heading Satoshi Motoyama’s No.46 S Road CRAFTSPORTS GT-R with Quintarelli holding fourth position while battling with a 40kg weight chastisement incurred after winning a opening round.

Quintarelli changed adult to third half approach by his opening stint. After path 30, many of a heading contenders began to conduct to a pits for their initial stops with Motoyama a initial GT-R to array to palm over to Katsumasa Chiyo.

The #1 GT-R pitted during path 39 to refuel, change tires and switch drivers to Matsuda. The timing of a array stops played a pivotal purpose when a reserve automobile (SC) was dispatched on path 72 when one of Nissan’s rivals detonate a tire that sparse waste all over a track.

Super GT manners now do now assent stops underneath a reserve car, though Chiyo was forced to array as a fuel tank in his No.46 GT-R began to run dry.

The reserve automobile stop and a successive chastisement served by Motoyama took them out of quarrel for a win. Most of a tip contenders entered a pits during path 78 when a competition was resumed though Matsuda remained out on a lane until path 81.

Refueling only adequate for a remaining 29 laps, a organisation was means to digest their array stop time and send Quintarelli out for a final army in initial place.

A Nissan “Family Feud” kicked off between Quintarelli in a #1 GT-R and Oliveira in a #12 GT-R. Pole leader Oliveira was means to get by Quintarelli on path 96, though with only 4 laps remaining, a #12 GT-R’s left-rear tire detonate left behind tire during 100R and spun off course. Having changed behind into a tip spot, Quintarelli went on to pass a mottled dwindle and measure their second feat in a row.

The No.45 GT-R finished seventh after their chastisement stop while a #24 Forum Engineering ADVAN GT-R (Daiki Sasaki / Masataka Yanagida) suffered hit and was forced to make an unscheduled stop – pulling them behind to ninth. Despite a setback, Sasaki was still means to record a fastest path of a race.

In a GT300 class, a No.3 B-MAX NDDP GT-R (Kazuki Hoshino/Jann Mardenborough) took their initial feat of a year after starting fifth. Mardenborough changed adult to third in his opening army that ran longer than his rivals ahead.

After pitting to palm over to Hoshino from a lead, lighting discerning work by a B-MAX NDDP organisation pushed a No.3 GT-R changed behind into a tip mark and they led for a residue of a race. After dual rounds of a championship, Nissan now leads a points in both a GT500 and GT300 classes.

Tsugio Matsuda
“I consider that Ronnie putting in such a tough quarrel to drag out a initial army was a pivotal to a success following a finish of a reserve automobile run in a second half. It’s not accurately a happy steer to see a associate (No.12) GT-R taken out of a competition in that way. Still, carrying been means to come out on tip of a competition like this one is unequivocally good for us in regards to a rest of a season.”

Ronnie Quintarelli
“We went into this competition carrying 40kg of encumber weight, so we paid tighten courtesy to tire government when pushing in a initial stint. The group done a unequivocally good visualisation with a array stop timing. Tsugio went out for his army with a full tank, that would have been flattering tough due to a weight, though he did a good job. For a final army we were means to keep a refueling time down to a minimum, put a automobile out as light as possible, and this enabled me to pull as tough as we did.”

Kazuki Hoshino
“Jann is proof to be a unequivocally illusory partner this year and we’ve gotten off to a good start to a season. we had a flattering unsatisfactory outcome here final year when feat slipped out of a fingers and we was dynamic to win today. We were means to win since of a tough work of a whole team, Jann, and a extraordinary opening we could get out of a tires Yokohama prepared for us. Thanks for all a support.”

Jann Mardenborough
“I feel good to be means to take feat in my second competition in a Super GT. Kazuki and we both carried out a good competition with no mistakes so I’m happy about that. The conditions were utterly hot, a lane heat was flattering high, though a choice of tires stayed flattering unchanging via a stints and in a final few laps we still had a good pace. It’s a contrition about Autopolis though I’m looking brazen to racing during SUGO, a lane I’ve never been to before.”


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