Nissan: Nissan kicks off cross-Canada hunt for high propagandize football athletes in fifth deteriorate of a Nissan Kickoff Project

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The Nissan Kickoff Project has upheld 78 Canadian high propagandize football programs opposite Canada, including St. Patrick’s High School in Ottawa, Ontario (pictured above).

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Having upheld 4,300 students from 78 high schools given 2013, a Nissan Kickoff Project has returned for a fifth deteriorate with an desirous new goal: to strech each high propagandize football contestant and village opposite Canada. This year, Nissan Canada, will offer adult to 70 high propagandize football athletes a sporting event of a lifetime: to join a Nissan all-Canadian TITAN group as partial of Grey Cup week.

Though talent is critical, there is most some-more to being an contestant than what fans see on a field. Great players start with good impression and as such, Nissan is looking for immature individuals, who gleam only as brightly off a margin as they do in a game.

Starting today, players, friends, teachers and family members can commission a high propagandize football contestant who demonstrates a TITAN values listed below: toughness, innovation, tenacity, aspiration and notability. Student-athletes comparison will paint their group as partial of a All-Canadian TITAN group in an muster diversion in Edmonton, holding place on Nov 23 brazen of a 2018 CFL Grey Cup. 

T – Tough: TITANS essay for value underneath all conditions, regulating their mental and earthy toughness to face hurdles head-on and expostulate toward success.
I – Innovative: Leaders have a imagination to prognosticate outcomes over expectations, saying an innovative trail to that prophesy and moving others to follow.

T – Tenacious: Everyone faces hurdles and shortcomings along a highway to success, though leaders have a persistence to pull by when faced with a roadblock and vitalise those around them to do a same.

A – Ambitious: Achievements are secure in a transparent vision, and a fixed joining to comprehend that vision. When good leaders span aspiration with tough work, anything is possible.

N – Notable: Standing out can be tough to do in today’s world, though those who arise above a normal and stay loyal to themselves enthuse supporters with their authenticity, aplomb and boldness.

“Sport nurtures clever values and model care characteristics, that athletes are means to lift brazen into several aspects their possess lives, and that of their communities. That is because Nissan is so unapproachable to commend superb immature people who shorten these traits, by a fifth deteriorate of a Nissan Kickoff Project,” pronounced Steve Rhind, executive of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “This year, we demeanour brazen to building on a impact a Nissan Kickoff Project has had opposite several Canadian communities over a past 4 years, by directly enchanting even some-more Canadian athletes and families.”

In 2017, a Nissan Kickoff Project donated over $52,000 to high propagandize football programs from coast-to-coast, providing students with increasing entrance to a diversion by funding, equipment, uniforms and motivational events. The idea of a 2018 module is to serve raise a sports knowledge for girl athletes opposite Canada by providing them with an memorable weekend, presented alongside their CFL idols during a 106th Grey Cup.

Nissan has been a unapproachable unite of a CFL for over a decade in a partnership that resulted in a pregnancy of a Nissan Kickoff Project 5 years ago. Last year, a module benefitted 16 opposite high schools from coast-to-coast, bringing a sum to 78 schools impacted over a past 5 years. During this time, CFL players have supposing encouragement, mentorship and loyalty year after year to a subsequent era of Canadian football athletes.

“We are anxious with a success of a partnership between Nissan and a CFL over a past 11 years,” pronounced Randy Ambrosie, CFL commissioner. “The critical work that a Nissan Kickoff Project does with girl football opposite a nation is useful and we are unapproachable to be a partial of a program’s fifth deteriorate as we grow a diversion of football together.”

To commission yourself or a high propagandize football actor in your community, greatfully visit: Application forms are open from currently by to Oct 19, with a All-Canadian TITAN captains suggested after in October, and a final TITAN group preference being announced in November.

Fans can follow this year’s tour on amicable media regulating #NissanKickoffProject.


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