Nissan: Nissan kicks off National Tire Safety Week with tips for correct tire care

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. To lift recognition for scold tire caring and maintenance, Nissan is celebrating National Tire Safety Week from May 29 to Jun 4 by reminding car owners of a poignant purpose tires play in gripping them protected on a road.

Research conducted by a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration1 indicates a tire that is 25 percent next a endorsed vigour is roughly 3 times some-more expected to be concerned in a tire-related pile-up than a scrupulously arrogant tire. Low tire acceleration also costs car owners income over a prolonged tenure in reduced fuel economy and beforehand tire wear.

“Checking tire vigour for only a few mins any month can assistance strengthen your family, urge car opening and widen a life of tires,” pronounced Sarah Cardinali, comparison manager, Product Safety, Nissan North America. ”Our innovative Easy-Fill Tire Alert complement helps drivers fill their tires to their endorsed acceleration rating with ease.”

To stress a significance for drivers to frequently check their engine car tires, Nissan offers a following tire caring and upkeep tips:

  • Inspect visually. Regularly demeanour for visible signs of intensity tire issues that might embody under-inflation, repairs or disproportionate wear. Inspect tires before a prolonged outing to assistance equivocate nonessential delays or expenses.
  • Know your target. Find and belong to a manufacturer’s endorsed tire pressure, that is located in a vehicle’s driver-side doorway jam.
  • Be temperature-conscious. Tire pressures vacillate with heat changes. Check pressures when tires are cold (in a morning) during slightest once a month and following poignant changes in temperature. Use an easy-to-read digital sign for accuracy. A digital readout is displayed in a core cluster of many Nissan models.  
  • Rotate and balance. Achieve limit life and opening from tires by rotating them each 5,000-7,000 miles. Also, change tires intermittently to assistance minimize disproportionate wear and extend step life.
  • Don’t overload. Avoid loading tires past their endorsed rating. Excessive weight can break tires and potentially lead to blowouts.  
  • Avoid obstructions. Steer transparent of vast potholes, curbs or other objects when probable to equivocate intensity tire damage.

Standard tire vigour monitoring systems on vehicles warning drivers when tire vigour is low. Auto caring professionals counsel that from one tire sign to another, there can be a 3 or 4 bruise disproportion in atmosphere vigour readings when refilling tires. Nissan’s easy-to-use technology, Easy-Fill Tire Alert, takes a guesswork out of stuffing tires to a scold vigour with a beep of a horn when scold vigour is reached.

If tire pressures dump to an vulnerable level, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts a motorist with an warning in a sign cluster. Once a motorist stops to supplement air, a Easy-Fill Tire Alert complement activates a vehicle’s four-way flashers to prove that a tire is inflating, a horn afterwards honks once to vigilance that a tire is during a endorsed acceleration level. If a motorist continues to fill a tire with air, a horn honks twice to prove over-inflation. Once atmosphere is let out of a tire, a horn chirps once some-more to prove a scold vigour has been reached, creation a whole routine quick and easy, expelling a need for hand-held tire vigour gauges.

“Since a introduction in 2013, some-more than 1 million Nissan vehicles versed with Easy-Fill Tire Alert have been sole in a United States,” pronounced Cardinali. “It is a tack record in a Nissan product choice focused on assisting to give drivers some-more preference and assent of mind when stuffing adult their tires.”

First appearing on a Nissan Quest and nominated for an AOL Technology of a Year Award, Easy-Fill Tire Alert is now accessible on 11 Nissan models including Altima, LEAF, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Quest, Rogue, Sentra, TITAN, Versa and Versa Note.  

1 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 

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