Nissan: Nissan Micra Cup during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant this weekend

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Mississauga, Ont. – After a fantastic weekend to open a deteriorate during Ontario’s Calabogie Motorsports Park 10 days ago, a Nissan Micra Cup earnings to Quebec this weekend. The Nissan Micra Cup’s third and fourth races of a 2016 deteriorate will take place during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, for a normal Spring Classic competition weekend.

It’s a mystic lapse for a Nissan Micra Cup family, as it was on this lane in a Laurentians where all started final year, with dual races that introduced an sparkling new array to a universe of Canadian motorsport.  Since then, array drivers have had a eventuality to disturb spectators and denote a qualities of a flexible and most batch Nissan Micra S cars during many other tracks.

Following a initial dual races of a 2016 deteriorate during Calabogie Motorsports Park on May 14th and 15th, Quebecker Xavier Coupal (Albi Nissan Team), leads a drivers’ championship forward of Albertan Stefan Rzadzinski (Ici Pneu Team). These dual drivers are approaching to be during a conduct of a container for another tighten battle, along with other drivers including: Kevin King (Sorel-Tracy Nissan), leader of a initial competition of a season, and 2015 champion Olivier Bédard (Albi Nissan). Both King and Bédard were detrimental during Calabogie as they were concerned in a multi-vehicle collision.  In further to King and Bédard, Normand Boyer, Frédéric Bernier, Valérie Chiasson, Nic Hammann and Chris Sahakian were also concerned in a occurrence (all drivers were uninjured) during a start of a second Calabogie race. 

King, Bédard, Sahakian, Bernier and Boyer will be behind on a lane during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, while Chiasson and 2014 Nissan GT Academy U.S. leader Nic Hammann will not return, as those drivers had not dictated to attend in this event, even before to a collision.  The Spring Classic during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant is not partial of a 5 imperative events this season, and therefore will not impact a drivers’ final 2016 standings. 

Despite a fact that, like Calabogie, a Spring Classic is not a imperative eventuality – between 20 and 25 drivers will contest – many of whom are from Ontario.  After a unseasonably oppressive continue gifted during a initial eventuality of a season, everybody is anticipating for balmy skies this weekend!

Quebec motorsport maestro of scarcely 30 years, Jacques Bélanger, competed in a Nissan Micra Cup final year for fun. However, he was fast bitten by a racing bug and after creation a lectern in a second competition of a deteriorate progressing this month, he finds himself sitting in third place in a drivers’ championship.  On a lane that he knows like a behind of his hand, Bélanger is approaching to once again do really well. 

At a other impassioned finish of a motorist age spectrum is someone who is still active in karting and will be creation his entrance in a Nissan Micra Cup this weekend. Cédrik Lupien is usually 18-years-old and routinely competes in a FR 125 Rotax-Max Senior. As partial of his inclusion in a Club École Albi Nissan module this year, Cédrik will be holding his initial expostulate during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, in an enclosed car, and on a highway course!  Initiated by 2015 champion Olivier Bédard, a Club École Albi Nissan module selects 3 of a best karting drivers in Quebec to attend in a Nissan Micra Cup competition during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant this season.  These 3 immature hopefuls recently had a training eventuality during a Andrew Ranger pushing propagandize in sequence to obtain their racing license, followed by a full day during a circle of a Nissan Micra with veteran motorist Jean-François Dumoulin. This weekend, Cédrik Lupien will be a initial of a 3 in action.

On Friday during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a drivers will take to a lane for dual 25-minute use sessions. Saturday’s 20-minute subordinate event will take place during 9:30 a.m., followed 4 hours after by a initial of dual races during 1:30 p.m. Sunday’s subordinate event is scheduled for 9:00 a.m., followed by a competition during 1:40 p.m.  Each competition will be 15 laps, or 30 minutes. 

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