Nissan: Nissan Micra Cup joins army with Ontario law coercion to fight travel racing

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Mississauga, Ont. – Today, Nissan announced a partnership between a Nissan Micra Cup spec array and Project E.R.A.S.E. (Eliminating Racing Activity On Streets Everywhere), to lift recognition about a dangers of travel racing and inspire safe, obliged pushing on open roads and foe tracks. Project E.R.A.S.E. is a collaborative bid of 7 Ontario military services, a Ministry of Transportation and a Ministry of a Environment.

Representing Project E.R.A.S.E. is Staff Sergeant Chuck Kaizer of a Ontario Provincial Police, Highway Safety Division, who will trade in his military uniform for a racing fit Labour Day weekend to contest in dual Nissan Micra Cup races during a Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP), nearby Toronto.

The idea of a E.R.A.S.E. module is to change bad motorist poise by preparation and vital enforcement.

“Motorsport is a cornerstone of Nissan’s code identity, dating behind to a 1930’s in Japan. The honour we have in a motorsport birthright is matched by Nissan’s fasten to reserve for all drivers and passengers,” says Joni Paiva, boss of Nissan Canada Inc. “To that point, we saw an implausible event for a Nissan Micra Cup to combine with Project E.R.A.S.E., to assistance lift recognition of a dangers of travel racing, while providing a safe, regulated choice for those with a gusto for speed and competition.”

So distant in 2016, 3 corner preparation and coercion initiatives conducted by Project E.R.A.S.E. dependent military services have resulted in 107 charges and 6 arrests associated to travel racing. This does not embody a hundreds of calls for use and attempt pushing charges investigated over a past several months by a concerned military services eccentric of a specific coercion initiatives.

“What many people destroy to comprehend is vehicle racing is not synonymous with bootleg pushing on open roads. We see this in a alarmingly high array of reported travel racing incidents and successive fines,” says Staff Sergeant Chuck Kaizer. “By collaborating with a Micra Cup, we’re promulgation a transparent summary to Ontario drivers who feel dangerous pushing on a open roadways is fine – racing does not go on open roads – there’s a protected approach to prove a ‘need for speed,’ and it’s some-more receptive than some competence think.”

In 2015, Nissan launched a Micra Cup, a one-make racing array featuring Canada’s many affordable new car, a bottom Nissan Micra S. After a successful initial deteriorate launched exclusively in Quebec, Canada’s many affordable racing array stretched to Ontario for 2016. The Micra Cup foe automobile has a constrained value tender for those meddlesome in motorsport with a cost of $22,900 CAD, ready-to-race.

To describe it race-ready for a Micra Cup, a Micra S receives NISMO-tuned cessation and a array of enhancements to approve with FIA regulations: FIA-approved racing seat; 5-point harness; glow extinguisher; reserve cage; motorist insurance net; front and back towing hooks and stylized Fast-wheels wheels with Pirelli low form high opening sharp tires.

Staff Sergeant Chuck Kaizer will be a latest beginner motorist on a grid subsequent weekend during Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, fasten a margin of tighten to 30 Micra Cup drivers. Staff Sergeant Kaizer will expostulate Micra Cup foe automobile #23 for group Project E.R.A.S.E.

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