Nissan: Nissan Motor and Nissan Arc rise new research process to boost lithium-ion battery capacity

Posted on 13. May, 2016 by in Nissan Canada

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan Arc Ltd. announced currently corner growth of an atomic research methodology that will assist in boosting a opening of lithium-ion batteries, and eventually extend a pushing operation of zero-emission electric vehicles.

The breakthrough was a outcome of a total RD bid between Nissan Arc Ltd., a Nissan subsidiary, Tohoku University, a National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), a Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI), and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

The research examines a structure of distorted silicon monoxide (SiO), widely seen as pivotal to boosting next-generation lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) capacity, permitting researchers to improved know electrode structure during charging cycles.

Silicon (Si) is able of holding incomparable amounts of lithium, compared with common carbon-based materials, though in bright form possesses a structure that deteriorates during charging cycles, eventually impacting performance. However, distorted SiO is resistant to such deterioration.

Its bottom structure had been unknown, creation it formidable for mass production. However, a new methodology provides an accurate bargain of a distorted structure of SiO, formed on a mixed of constructional analyses and mechanism simulations.

The atomic structure of SiO was suspicion to be inhomogeneous, creation a accurate atomic arrangements a theme of debate. The new commentary uncover that a structure allows a storage of a incomparable series of Li ions, in spin heading to improved battery performance.

“The invention of this new research process is essential to serve rise a subsequent era of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. It will positively turn one of a core technologies. The function of this research process in a destiny RD will certainly minister to fluctuating a cruising operation of destiny zero-emission vehicles,” pronounced Takao Asami, comparison clamp boss of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and President of Nissan Arc Ltd.

Daniele Schillaci, executive clamp boss of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Global Sales Marketing including Zero Emission Vehicle and Battery business, pronounced a growth was another explanation indicate of Nissan’s joining to creation in modernized technologies.

“Nissan is exploring a far-reaching operation of appetite sources for tomorrow’s vehicles, and we commend a purpose in invariably investing in mixed technologies and intelligent mobility,” pronounced Schillaci.

The essence of this recover have been published online in a British multidisciplinary scholarship journal, “Nature Communications,” on May 13, 2016.

About Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan is a tellurian full-line car manufacturer that sells some-more than 60 models underneath a Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. In mercantile year 2015, a association sole some-more than 5.4 million vehicles globally, generating income of 12.19 trillion yen. Nissan engineers, manufactures and markets a world’s best-selling all-electric car in history, a Nissan LEAF. Nissan’s tellurian domicile in Yokohama, Japan, manages operations in 6 regions: ASEAN Oceania; Africa, Middle East India; China; Europe; Latin America and North America. Nissan has a tellurian workforce of 247,500, and has been partnered with French manufacturer Renault underneath a Renault-Nissan Alliance given Mar 1999.


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