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Sound Bites from Cox, Ordonez, Mardenborough, Reip and Shulzhitskiy



  • Nissan ZEOD RC set to try initial all-electric path of Le Mans
  • Four gamers to contest during world’s many prestigious 24 hour race
  • Fan-focused manufacturer to promote live from a Le Mans Village via race
  • Introducing….NISMO cam!

LE MANS, FRANCE – The theatre is set for another stirring Le Mans 24 Hours and Nissan will be holding core theatre with a long-awaited competition entrance of Nissan ZEOD RC, Nissan’s innovative electric racing car.  Over a entertain of a grid will be powered by Nissan in 2014, demonstrating a success of a manufacturer’s world-beating LM P2 engine.  Four gamers will contest during Le Mans this weekend, dual in Nissan ZEOD RC and dual in a new Ligier JS P2, that is also powered by a Nissan engine. As in prior years Nissan has remembered a fans who adore Le Mans as many as Nissan does so NISMO.TV will promote live via a race, giving singular behind-the-scenes entrance to Nissan during Le Mans.

The ACO’s Garage 56 module has supposing Nissan with an event to do what it does best: to innovate. Innovation is sparkling though it is also unpleasant and Nissan ZEOD RC has been a outrageous plea for all involved. After an impossibly brief growth period, it is a unapproachable impulse for Nissan to take a start of a Le Mans 24 Hours with Nissan.

“Garage 56 is singular in engine racing where a organisers have authorised manufacturers or private entrants to come and do something totally different,” pronounced NISMO Global Head of Brand, Marketing Sales, Darren Cox. “Once again, a ACO should be applauded for that though I’ve got to tell we that it is a outrageous task. The automobile is full of innovation, from a 3 cylinder 400 BHP DIG-T R engine to a fact it is a initial mirror-less competition automobile of a complicated era. ZEOD is a large charge though it has been a essential stepping-stone towards a LM P1 project. What we learn here provides a outrageous information bank for a engineers as they rise a new Nissan GT-R LM NISMO.”

“Innovation is about pulling a bounds and creation infrequently hurts,” continued Cox. “Most of a time Nissan gets it right, either it be a Leaf, GT-R, a Qashqai, or a Juke – lots of examples of us doing things for a initial time and being innovative. This is another one; one day we’re going to punch off some-more than we can chew, let’s usually wish it’s not on Saturday or Sunday of this week!”

Satoshi Motoyama has arrived during Le Mans from Japan after a good weekend where Nissan dominated a lectern during a Autopolis turn of Super GT.

“It is a fourth time for me to expostulate during Le Mans and I’m unequivocally happy to be means to come behind here with a new plea of Nissan ZEOD RC,” he said. “It is going to take an implausible bid from my teammates and everybody on a group to grasp a targets of recording a initial ever path of Le Mans underneath electric power. It is good to come here after carrying such a clever outcome in Super GT. we wish to have some-more good formula with not usually Super GT though also with a ZEOD RC this weekend.”

In 2011 Nissan took a initial GT Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez, to Le Mans. Lucas’ virtual-to-reality story was beamed opposite a creation as not usually finished a competition though finished on a podium. This year 4 gamers will contest during Le Mans. Lucas is behind and he will be assimilated by Wolfgang Reip, a leader of GT Academy Europe 2012. Together with Satoshi Motoyama they will competition Nissan ZEOD RC.

“It’s my fourth time here during Le Mans and it’s a large plea for Nissan and NISMO, for all a other guys and for a drivers,” pronounced Ordonez. “We’re going to be opposite and we’re going to expostulate electric energy here for a full path of Le Mans. It’s unequivocally special for me to be a partial of this project. It’s extraordinary to see how tough these guys work. Obviously now it’s time to do a final push, though it’s a many critical pull to be in good figure for a competition and we can’t wait to get on lane and expostulate a Nissan ZEOD RC on a Mulsanne true in electric mode. we consider it is going to be something really, unequivocally special and unfit to forget.”

“I have spent a lot of time operative with a ZEOD guys during a final 5 months and it was unequivocally a good prerogative for us to finish as many laps as we did during a Official Test Day,” pronounced Reip. “Right now we can’t wait to get behind in a automobile for a initial use session.”

Jann Mardenborough and Mark Shulzhitskiy will competition a No.35 Ligier JS P2 Nissan with their OAK Racing team-mate, Alex Brundle. Mardenborough done his Le Mans entrance final year, following in a footsteps of Lucas Ordonez by holding a lectern finish during his initial attempt.

“I’m unequivocally amatory being behind during Le Mans for a second time and we know what to design now in terms of how a week goes, all a things we have to do,” explained Jann. “There is a good atmosphere here and we usually unequivocally adore being around in a paddock chatting with all a fans. Driving in a antecedent with a roof over my conduct is opposite compared to final year, though after 5 laps in contrast we shortly get use to it and we get to know that it’s faster carrying a roof over your conduct as it’s some-more aerodynamic that way. It’s good for a Nissan GT Academy to have 4 guys here. It’s a covenant to a module that we can take these immature guys, gamers, and they can contest during a tip turn of sportscar racing. We’re perplexing to uncover everybody that there is a opposite lane into motorsport and that we can be successful and expostulate sparkling machine like Wolfgang is pushing during a impulse and also me and Mark in a code new automobile for LM P2. It should be unequivocally inspirational for other people examination and participating in a destiny to enter a module and live what we’re doing during a moment.”

Mark Shulzhitskiy is creation his Le Mans entrance this year after usually creation his LM P2 entrance during a finish of 2013.

“I’m looking brazen so many to racing during Le Mans,” pronounced Shulzhitskiy. “I’ve been watchful so prolonged to expostulate on this extraordinary lane and a initial use event can’t come shortly enough. At a exam we was unequivocally astounded by how quick a circuit is and how tough it is to expostulate here. You need to consider a lot about a cars around you. Driving a P2 automobile is amazing. It is a correct competition car, generally here during Le Mans where we feel a crazy speeds on a straight.”

It’s not usually a entertain of a grid that is powered by Nissan during Le Mans. Every year Nissan creates certain a fans gets a entrance they wish and this year is no different.

NISMO.TV will promote live from a Le Mans Village via a race. Onboard cameras will lamp live cinema from Nissan ZEOD RC and a No.35 Ligier Nissan for a generation of a race.

New for 2014 is NISMO Cam. This creation will be a large strike with fans online and with a tellurian assembly in additional of 40 million TV viewers though they’ll have to wait for a competition to start to see what NISMO Cam is all about.


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