Nissan: Nissan sends all-new GT-R to conquer a mountain in Knysna

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ROSSLYN, South Africa – Japan takes on a universe in May when a Nissan GT-R earnings to Knysna in South Africa to urge a supercar climax and quarrel for dual of a 3 new King of a Hill titles.

No reduction than 12 Nissans will contest in a several production, mutated and supercar classes during a 2017 Jaguar Simola Hill Climb. Of these, 10 are GT-Rs from opposite areas and in opposite stages of tune, creation it a many renouned automobile during a Hill Climb by some margin.

Among a purebred contenders for a 2017 Hill Climb is a R32 GT-R of Desmond Gutzeit (which is rumored to have even some-more energy than a 1,800-plus-horsepower it delivered final year), R34 GT-Rs and several customary and rarely mutated R35 models. This year also sees a initial entrance of a singular far-reaching physique Liberty Walk R35 Nissan GT-R.

Nissan South Africa has upheld several of a contenders and is directly concerned in a Hill Climb campaigns of a 1,000-plus-horsepower BB GT-R, that will be driven by Nissan Competitive Vehicle Assessment Specialist Wilhelm Baard, and a customary prolongation MY17 Nissan GT-R driven by Jaki Scheckter.

“The fact that so many people have selected a GT-R to competition during Simola, and that no singular GT-R is alike, is a covenant to a car’s engineering brilliance,” pronounced Xavier Gobille, executive for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales during Nissan Group of Africa. “Some of a GT-R models are driven to a race, and afterwards on a hill, with 95 octane fuel and customary road-going tires. Other GT-Rs vigourously fragment a connect with some-more than 1,500 kW of power.”

To accommodate a several GT-R models and a far-reaching operation of other customary and rarely mutated cars that have entered a 2017 Simola Hill Climb, a organizers have combined a operation of new categories and 3 opposite King of a Hill (KOTH) titles. Of these, Nissan GT-R models will contest in a KOTH for highway going tavern and supercars and a KOTH for mutated tavern cars.



The BB Group and Nissan South Africa will enter Baard’s GT-R in category B2 for 4WD six-cylinder cars with forced induction. The group has managed to remove so many some-more energy and doing from a engine and framework that they have informally renamed this automobile “Armageddon” from final year’s “Godzilla.”

“This automobile has seen a many vital renovate to date,” pronounced Baard of a 2014 GT-R with that he raced in 2016 and that he is bringing behind to Simola this year. “While we are still tweaking a engine opening and handling, we can quietly contend that this R35 indication will have distant some-more than 1,000 horsepower (745 kW) and 1,400 Nm of torque.”

According to Baard, a group done vital advancements in a vehicle’s handling, including obscure a automobile weight by over 300 kg and obscure a core of sobriety for softened doing and steering on a parsimonious tip partial of a 1.9-km Simola hill. A vast series of engine and framework components are totally new.

“The BB Nissan GT-R also facilities bespoke engine mapping that allows us to finely balance a engine opening and torque characteristics for opposite tools of a hill,” pronounced Baard. “It is truly implausible how we can balance a R35 to a many harsh standards.”

The new engine mapping will assistance this GT-R  launch improved off a line and an additional back diffuser, a opposite atmosphere government complement and new back wing will raise a high-speed aerodynamics as it seeks to conquer a mountain in underneath 40 seconds.

The BB Nissan GT-R will also advantage from specialized oils and lubricants sponsored by Motul and, for a initial time, several sets of soothing devalue tires. Last year, it had to contest in a final run with ragged tires, that cost it additional seconds as it launched off a starting line.

The second GT-R to be upheld by Nissan South Africa will be driven by obvious general racer and past personality of a Motorsportsman of a Year, Jaki Scheckter.

Scheckter’s GT-R has a same clothing as a 2015 indication entered final year, though it is a new MY17 model, that now has some-more than 400 kW as standard. The MY17 indication has seen a GT-R urge a opening from 379 kW to 408 kW and from 628 Nm to 632 Nm. The indication has a new particular ignition timing complement that now offers some-more mid-range torque  and it has much-improved gearbox mapping for faster, smoother changes.

“Last year we managed to kick all a European contenders with a MY15 model, so we have high hopes of maintaining of KOTH pretension with a new GT-R,” pronounced Scheckter. “The additional energy and improved mid-range torque will positively help, and given it is a Black Edition, a Recaro seats are a clear boon.”

The Simola Hill Climb starts in aspiring on May 5, with classical automobile races adult a mountain and administration and scrutineering for a GT-Rs. On Saturday, a cars start with time trials and excellent tuning, that continues Sunday morning. The final runs for a ultimate KOTH titles are hold on Sunday afternoon, May 7.


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About Nissan in South Africa
Nissan South Africa is a operational heart for Regional Business Unit South, portion Nissan’s pivotal South Africa marketplace and 45 other countries in Sub Saharan Africa, including Angola, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria as good as a pivotal Southern African markets of Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. In South Africa, a association offers a operation of 24 vehicles underneath a Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands, including a renouned locally-produced Nissan light blurb vehicles – a NP200 half ton pickup and NP300 one-ton Hardbody. The NP200 and NP300 charity have been bolstered recently, after Nissan South Africa launched a all-new, endowment winning Nissan Navara in a South African market.

In 2013 Nissan done story in South Africa with a introduction of Africa’s initial electric vehicle, Nissan’s flagship Nissan LEAF. As good as braggadocio 0 emissions leadership, Nissan is also a personality in a crossover segment. Among a product offerings are a Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail, and Juke, while it is a organisation contender in a supercar category with a 2017 Nissan GT-R. The Datsun code has re-established Nissan in a entry-level marketplace where a tailor-made Datsun GO is violation new belligerent in a ‘riser’ marketplace segment.

Nissan is one of a tip 5 automotive companies in South Africa. For some-more information revisit a website during


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