Nissan: Nissan Shuffles a Pack of GT Academy Graduates

Posted on 28. Jun, 2013 by in Nissan Canada

LE CASTELLET, France – Nissan has altered a line-ups in a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 cars in a Blancpain Endurance Series. From this weekend during Paul Ricard, a No.35 GT-R will be raced by Lucas Ordonez, Wolfgang Reip and Peter Pyzera, while Alex Buncombe moves over to a No.32 GT-R, that he will foe with Mark Shulzhitskiy and Steve Doherty.

The change has been done to boost a believe and believe of a newest GT Academy graduates and give them a possibility to plea themselves opposite their higher-graded teammates. It will also safeguard a G-Drive corroborated entrance has as good a possibility as a YouTube GT-R of a clever run in a Blancpain series.

“This is a motorist growth program,” pronounced Nissan’s Darren Cox. “Championships are a delegate consideration; we’re here to get a comprehensive best out of a talent we detected by GT Academy. We comprehend that changing line-ups mid-season will have a disastrous outcome on points tables though we are assured we will furnish improved racing drivers this way.”


After his implausible opening during a Le Mans 24 Hours, subsequent month’s Spa 24 Hours will yield another exam of Jann Mardenborough’s mettle. The immature British racer will not usually contest in a British F3 races during Spa though he will also join Nissan GT Academy Team RJN for a Spa 24 Hours itself.

Jann will join Lucas, Wolfie and Peter in a No.35 YouTube-liveried GT-R, while Chris Buncombe will make it a family event in a No.32 GT-R, fasten his hermit Alex in a black and red liveried G-Drive GT-R.

“I consider it will fascinating to see how Jann goes in a GT automobile after racing quite in F3 and LM P2 so distant this year,” pronounced RJN group trainer Bob Neville. “As for a newer graduates, in further to broadening their practice by shuffling a container were also wakeful of rumblings in a paddock that a No.35 choice was too strong. We’re not here to dissapoint a foe – in fact we are one of a longest-standing supporters of SRO championships – so we have changed it around so any customary Blancpain line adult will include of one china and dual bronze drivers, next a compulsory limit motorist line adult regulations. We can’t make it any fairer than that.”

“It’s good for a NISMO Athletes to have a accumulation of practice during a racing season,” pronounced Cox. “Young drivers these days are distant too focused quite on one series, though because shouldn’t they benefit believe in a approach someone like Jim Clark used to by jumping into a Lotus Cortina after doing an F2 race. We’re not jacket them adult in string wool. We wish them to have different experiences, that in a prolonged tenure will urge them as good dull veteran drivers.”

The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3s will take to a lane during Paul Ricard on Saturday morning during 09:00 for an hour of contrast for a Bronze drivers. Qualifying takes place on Sunday during 10:25 before a three-hour foe gets underway that afternoon during 15:00 (All times CET).


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