Nissan: Nissan to enhance ProPILOT Assist record to additional models

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YOKOHAMA, Japan — Nissan’s innovative ProPILOT Assist semi-autonomous pushing complement has been a strike with customers, with some-more than 120,000 vehicles featuring a record sole globally. The accessibility of ProPILOT Assist is now set to enhance to additional models, including a Nissan Rogue Sport in a U.S. and a Qashqai in Canada, commencement in late 2018, as Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa pronounced currently during a company’s mercantile year 2017 financial formula announcement.

The Rogue, including a Rogue Sport, is Nissan’s top-selling nameplate in a U.S. market.

ProPILOT Assist is a hands-on driver-assist complement that helps drivers stay centered in their lane, navigate stop-and-go trade and say a set car speed and stretch to a car ahead.

Nissan’s disdainful ProPILOT Assist record was creatively introduced in 2016 in a Japanese-market Nissan Serena minivan. Since then, a record has widespread globally to vehicles such as a 100% electric new Nissan LEAF, a European-market Qashqai, a Japanese-market X-Trail and a U.S.-market Rogue. ProPILOT Assist will also be featured on a arriving all-new 2019 Nissan Altima sedan. Additional vehicles will adopt a record in entrance years, expanding to 20 models and 20 markets by a finish of FY2022, as partial of a company’s midterm plan, Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022.

“ProPILOT Assist is an iconic record for Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Nissan’s prophesy of how vehicles are powered, driven and integrated into society,” pronounced Philippe Klein, Nissan’s arch formulation officer. “Its acceptance by consumers has been over expectations, and we’re gratified to enhance a accessibility to some-more renouned models such as Altima, X-Trail and Rogue Sport.”

About ProPILOT Assist
ProPILOT Assist is a substructure for a unconstrained vehicles of a future, assisting drivers stay centered in their lane, navigate stop-and-go trade and say a set car speed and a set stretch to a car ahead. It’s all finished with a simple, discerning two-button operation. To activate a system, a motorist simply pushes a ProPILOT Assist symbol on a steering circle and afterwards sets a Intelligent Cruise Control when a preferred speed is reached.

ProPILOT Assist is designed to be some-more discerning and user-friendly compared with other driver-assist technologies. It can potentially assistance relieve motorist tired and emanate a some-more assured pushing knowledge – generally for drivers who knowledge complicated highway trade on a daily basis.

For some-more information on a ProPILOT Assist system, greatfully revisit here.


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