Nissan: Nissan Unveils Le Mans Prototype Plans With World’s Fastest Electric Racing Car

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  • Nissan ZEOD RC will implement a same lithium battery record as used in a award-winning Nissan LEAF
  • The Nissan ZEOD RC will grasp speeds in additional of 300km/h
  • Multiple electric drivetrain technologies to be tested before racing in 2014 Le Mans 24 Hour and assesed for intensity in LM P1
  • Nissan again during a forefront of Zero Emission and battery technology

LE MANS, France – Nissan currently denounced a groundbreaking, innovative ZEOD RC – a world’s fastest electric racing automobile that will strech speeds of some-more than 300km/h with electric record during a Le Mans 24 Hours.

The ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) will make a foe entrance during subsequent year’s Le Mans 24 Hour. The tellurian personality in electric vehicles for a road, Nissan will hearing variants of new electric expostulate sight technologies as partial of a dictated destiny lapse to LM P1 foe to plea for altogether feat during a world’s many prestigious continuation race.

Nissan’s invitation from a Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) to contest in a 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours was announced by Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn in Japan in February. The automobile will contest underneath a ACO’s “Garage 56” entrance – an additional mark on a grid for vehicles that showcase new and innovative technology.

Run as a Nissan / NISMO full bureau general module with submit from Japan, Europe and a U.S., a Nissan ZEOD RC pattern group is headed by Ben Bowlby who has been newly allocated as Nissan’s Director of Motorsport Innovation and formerly worked on a Nissan DeltaWing module in 2012.

While a automobile will not foe until subsequent year’s Le Mans 24 Hours, Nissan currently kicked off a singular aspect of a module – foe fans removing a possibility to betray a automobile in a open area of a Circuit de la Sarthe. Nissan intends to pull behind a screen for fans opposite a creation to yield continued updates around a general partnership with YouTube and a NISMO.TV channel.

“Nissan has turn a tellurian personality in a growth of 0 glimmer automotive technology, and a Nissan ZEOD RC will concede us to serve rise those capabilities regulating a toughest continuation foe in a universe as a mobile exam bed to exam a intensity of a designed LM P1 appetite train,” pronounced Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President and Executive Committee member during Nissan Motor Company Limited.

“The Nissan ZEOD RC is a healthy course that follows on from a growth of a Nissan LEAF highway automobile and a LEAF RC foe automobile prototype. The technologies grown by a ZEOD RC module will form partial of destiny innovations for Nissan highway cars.

“Nissan is already a tellurian personality in a sale of all-electric cars and we’re energetically available a event to showcase a lessons learnt with a growth of battery record in a world’s oldest, toughest and many high form continuation race.

“The ZEOD RC module is designed to rise mixed technologies to weigh how they could be used for a destiny LM P1 category lapse of Nissan during a Le Mans 24 Hour. There are mixed options we are investigating. A Zero Emission on Demand choice where a motorist can switch between electric and petrol-powered expostulate is a destiny instruction for highway cars, so that will be tested in further to pristine electric appetite and other new technologies that we still have underneath development.

“As no other manufacturer is regulating electric battery record in continuation racing today, Nissan is innovating again and this will yield us with poignant amounts of information and information to weigh intensity powertrains for destiny sportscar programs and concede us to continue as a personality in Zero Emissions record on a road.”

Launched in 2010, a Nissan LEAF has turn a world’s best-selling all-electric car. The LEAF won a 2010 Green Car Vision Award, a 2011 European Car of a Year, a 2011 World Car of a Year, and a 2011–2012 Car of a Year Japan.

Nissan launched a Nissan LEAF RC in 2011 – a racecar antecedent powered by a same 107-hp electric engine that is used in a highway car.

While stream battery record does not yield a appetite storage ability to foe a usually electric Le Mans prototype, Nissan ZEOD RC engineer Ben Bowlby believes a growth of a automobile will be an critical step in a “electrification” of a racecars of a future.

“Developing a automobile like this provides an impossibly severe exam bed for what could be rarely effective options for highway cars of a future. Throughout a subsequent twelve months we will be contrast mixed expostulate sight options in an endless exam program,” Bowlby said.

“We have many options to cruise and test. The exam module is partial of a longer tenure idea of building a complement and a set of manners for this form of record in partnership with a ACO that would be best matched to competing during a top turn of this sport.

“Nissan is a personality in electric automobile record for a road, now we wish to take those lessons learnt and implement that believe bottom in a growth of a new foe car.

“Our pattern group on a Nissan ZEOD RC module has strong heavily on wrapping and aerodynamic potency that will not usually yield impassioned opening though high levels of appetite potency – a idea for all tellurian automakers.

“A vast partial of a work in a entrance months is to plead with a ACO destiny opportunities for a ‘electrification’ of a Le Mans manners in a destiny and work towards delivering suitable technology. Garage 56 is a confidant pierce by a ACO to showcase Innovation and concede contrast of unused components and systems for destiny foe use. To this finish they are a many brazen meditative upholder in Motorsport today.”

Nissan will partner with French tire manufacturer Michelin to furnish tires for a new prototype. Nissan formerly assimilated army with Michelin on a Nissan DeltaWing program. The Clermont-Ferrand-based manufacturer has an enviable record during a Le Mans 24 Hour, winning a past 15 uninterrupted races overall.

The Nissan ZEOD RC will make a contrast entrance after this summer. Nissan’s attack on a 2013 Le Mans 24 Hour will again aim feat in a P2 category with 15 of a 22 entries powered by Nissan. In a opening rounds of a 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship, Nissan has dominated, holding feat during Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps.


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