Nissan: Nissan ZEOD RC drastic electric path followed by heartbreak

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  • Amazing morning warm-up outcome after all-nighter by crew
  • “New tech” automobile halted by “old tech” issue
  • Nissan breaks new belligerent in electric vehicles

LE MANS, France – Nissan’s attack on a Le Mans 24 Hours might have finished early, though a insubordinate Nissan ZEOD RC electric antecedent still leaves Le Mans carrying reached a ancestral goals of attack 300 km/h on a Mulsanne Straight and recording a finish path of Le Mans on electric energy only.

The singular antecedent – that facilities both inner explosion and electric energy sources – reached a initial aim during Thursday night subordinate when Satoshi Motoyama exceeded 300 km/h before a initial equivocation on a Mulsanne Straight.

Nissan’s other pivotal idea was to finish an whole 8.5-mile path of Le Mans on pristine electric power. GT Academy leader Wolfgang Reip was during a circle when a group achieved this idea during a morning warm-up.

Reip started a competition aboard a ZEOD RC and finished 5 laps before losing expostulate during a 23-minute mark. A suspected gearbox emanate caused an early retirement.

Remarkably, a gearbox was one of a some-more normal tools of a powertrain package. Both a 1.5-liter, 40 kilogram, 400 horsepower, three-cylinder engine and a span of 110kW 40,000 rpm electric motors had achieved faultlessly in a early partial of a race.

“They contend that life is a rollercoaster, though positively motorsport takes this to a subsequent level. Just currently we’ve had large highs followed by a proxy low,” pronounced Darren Cox, Global Head of Brand, Marketing Sales, NISMO. “This morning a group did a shining pursuit in achieving a electric lap. We usually attempted it once and we finished it. That is an extraordinary fulfilment for Nissan and electric vehicles. We were unequivocally assured in starting a competition and progressing in a week we had already exceeded 300 km/h. We were looking brazen to doing some some-more electric laps via a competition though a normal partial of a gearbox broke. It is a genuine contrition since we were unequivocally looking brazen to showcasing a EV record in a race. It has been an extraordinary knowledge for everybody that has been involved. we wish everybody who was worked on a plan and put in so many hours will remember a high when a automobile finished a electric path of Le Mans.”

Sadly conjunction Motoyama nor Lucas Ordóñez was means to finish any competition miles during a race.

For Le Mans 2015, Nissan will lapse to a LM P1 category – rising an attack opposite Audi, Toyota and Porsche for undisguised honors during a world’s many prestigious continuation race.

For arch ZEOD growth motorist and Le Mans rookie Wolfgang Reip, currently was filled with extravagantly resisting emotions.

“Being during a circle for a initial all-electric path was positively an extraordinary disturb and unequivocally rewarding after spending so most time during a growth of a car,” Reip said. “The competition was apparently unequivocally unsatisfactory though carrying got a ambience of Le Mans now, we can’t wait to get back. This is an extraordinary competition and I’d adore to be a partial of it again.”




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