Nissan: Nissan ZEOD RC creates story during Le Mans with all electric lap

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LE MANS, France – Nissan done story during Le Mans this morning with a insubordinate Nissan ZEOD RC recording a initial ever all electric path of Le Mans.

GT Academy personality Wolfgang Reip was during a circle as a ZEOD RC finished an whole 8.5-mile path powered by a span of 110 kW electric motors rotating during 40,000 rpm during a morning warm-up.

The Nissan ZEOD RC formerly strike a initial aim during Thursday dusk subordinate when it surfaced 300km/h on a Mulsanne Straight on electric energy usually with Japanese motorist Satoshi Motoyama during a wheel.

Inaugural GT Academy personality Lucas Ordóñez will join Reip and Motoyama in pushing a automobile in a Le Mans 24 Hours today.

The Nissan ZEOD RC is occupying “Garage 56” during Le Mans – an additional entrance indifferent by a Automobile Club de l’Ouest for cars showcasing new an innovative technology.

“It is a outrageous disturb for me to turn a initial ever motorist to finish an all-electric path of Le Mans, generally given this is my entrance during a race,” Reip said. “I used electricity to creatively turn a racing motorist by GT Academy and now I’ve used it again to grasp this extensive goal. I’m unequivocally anxious for a whole group and respected we got a possibility to be behind a circle when it initial happened. we indeed got hold adult by a GT automobile during a lap. we was means to get past and it was utterly a bizarre prodigy to go by on electric power.”

The Nissan ZEOD RC (zero emissions on demand) allows a expostulate to switch between dual energy sources – a span of electric motors or a singular 1.5-liter, 40 kilogram, 400-horsepower three-cylinder inner explosion engine.

In serve to creation story with a 300 km/h electric aim and a all-electric lap, a automobile is also a initial in complicated story to contest during Le Mans though normal back perspective mirrors. The Nissan ZEOD RC drivers are done wakeful what is function behind them by a camera and integrated radar complement – technologies that are being tested to serve raise highway automobile systems like a Nissan Safety Shield.

“This is a usually loyal antecedent on a grid – literally a group have been testing, changing and updating a automobile each hour as we worked towards achieving a goals,” pronounced Darren Cox, Global Head of Brand, Marketing Sales, NISMO. “Our group indeed worked by a night with no nap to try to grasp a idea in a warm-up this morning. They are in a center of a 48 hours of Le Mans. Nissan is a tellurian personality for electric vehicles for a road, and we valid currently that we’ll be holding a same care purpose in electric vehicles for a competition track. The lessons schooled from a growth of electric expostulate systems and battery record will not usually urge a Nissan highway automobile of tomorrow, though will also be eliminated into a Nissan GT-R LM Nismo – a new LM P1 automobile that will competition during Le Mans subsequent year.”

Nissan launched a arriving LM P1 module on May 23 in London. The Japanese manufacturer will contest opposite Audi, Toyota and Porsche from 2015 during Le Mans and in a FIA World Endurance Championship.





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