Nissan: Nissan’s gamers foe divided from foe during Le Mans

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LE MANS, France – As a 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours approaches a median mark, Nissan’s Jann Mardenborough and Mark Shulzhitskiy, along with their Oak Racing teammate Alex Brundle, are fluctuating their lead in a LM P2 class.

Mardenborough took a start and finished a good getaway, immediately severe for second place though anticipating a doorway resolutely closed.  He schooled a downside of racing a sealed cockpit automobile when his windscreen got lonesome in oil and, while going for a wipers as he exited Arnage, he strike a array limiter button, that authorised a automobile behind to trip by and he fell to fourth. Undeterred he fought behind and regained third before relocating adult to second place by a finish of his run.

Alex Brundle jumped in for a subsequent run and had to understanding with a complicated sleet showering that held out many drivers. The No.35 Ligier-Nissan forsaken right down to seventh during that indicate as Alex had to do an additional stop for tires so it was afterwards his spin for a quarrel behind drive.  Fight behind he did, eventually holding a lead 4 and a half hours into a Le Mans 24 Hours.

Then it was time for Mark Shulzhitskiy to make his Le Mans debut.  Mark is a fifth GT Academy leader to competition during Le Mans and a Russian excelled in his initial stint, maintaining a lead and creation a times decrease with a veteran arrangement of pushing talent.

It was a Jann’s spin to burst behind in to lift a quadruple army as night fell during Le Mans.

“That was a best run I’ve ever had in any car,” he said. “For me it couldn’t have left any better. we don’t consider I’ve ever been means to contend before that it was ideal though this time it unequivocally was. we got my fastest path on tires that had finished dual stints so that goes to uncover how good offset this automobile is. I’m training a lot about tyre management. We’ve got a good lead on a automobile behind now so let’s wish we can continue like this.”

As a competition goes on by a night NISMO.TV continues to promote live from Le Mans.  The onboard camera from a No.35 Ligier-Nissan is proof to be a prominence with viewers as Mardenborough, Shulzhitskiy and Brundle conflict to stay on tip of LM P2.




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