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LE MANS, France All of a entrants for a 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours took to a lane for a initial use event during Le Mans this afternoon. Tsugio Matsuda (JAP), Harry Tincknell (GB) and Jann Mardenborough (GB) were initial out in a 3 Nissan GT-R LM NISMOs, prepared to make a many of a lane time accessible during a four-hour session.

The module for use focused on removing as many using as probable for all 9 Nissan LM P1 drivers. The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is still during an early theatre of a development, so a biggest gains can be found by providing a drivers with as many chair time as possible.

The circuit was damp to start, though as it dusty a times began to tumble. After his initial run in a GT-R LM NISMO, Jann Mardenborough commented: “We’re relocating brazen and creation good progress. The automobile feels some-more and some-more sorted with any run, and there are still a lot of things we can do to urge it, such as dropping a front float tallness to work improved with a aero tunnels.

Despite countless snags during a use session, a #21, #22 and #23 cars finished 19, 16 and 19 laps respectively as they prepared for a initial of 3 subordinate sessions.

The initial event took place on Wednesday night, and with sleet foresee for a dual following sessions on Thursday night, many of a teams headed out early tonight to put in landowner laps.

Jann Mardenborough’s path time of 3:38.468 put him in 12th position as a heading Nissan GT-R LM NISMO. Added to a laps finished by Max Chilton and Olivier Pla, a #23 automobile finished a serve 18 laps in Qualifying 1. The #22 Nissan – in a hands of Harry Tincknell, Michael Krumm and Alex Buncombe – finished a event in 21st place after completing 18 laps. Tsugio Matsuda, Lucas Ordóñez and Mark Shulzhitskiy managed usually 9 laps and posted a time to put them in 31st position.

“It’s good to get some-more mileage on a automobile and to get a imperative night laps done,” pronounced Tincknell. “It’s always fun to expostulate in a dim during Le Mans, and we’re gratified to have got by some-more jobs and ticked some some-more boxes.”

Qualifying 2 and 3 take place tomorrow dusk during Le Mans from 19:00hrs internal time.


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