Nissan: Olivier Bédard and Kevin King win a Nissan Micra Cup Summer Classic

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A good weekend for array personality Olivier Bédard, with a stick position and victory.

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – After a initial dual events of a 2018 Nissan Micra Cup deteriorate were contested in Ontario this spring, a array kicked off a summer deteriorate this weekend with rounds 5 and 6 during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant in a Laurentians of Quebec. Though a lane is good famous by many of a contestants, it presented a new plea for 4 new drivers – Éric Chaput, André Lapointe, Frédéric Bouthillier and Perry Wener – who done their Micra Cup entrance this weekend. The races’ tip honours went to Olivier Bédard on Saturday and Kevin King on Sunday.

Four new drivers were on lane this weekend. Pictured from left to right: Frédéric Bouthillier, André Lapointe, Perry Wener and Éric Chaput with array upholder Jacques Deshaies.

Another plea awaited drivers new and aged on Saturday when it started to sleet before a start of a subordinate race. It was not adequate however, to moderate a spirits of a competitors during a circle of their flexible Micra S cars on a stately Circuit Mont-Tremblant. By a finish of a session, two-time array champion (2015, 2017) and stream championship leader, Olivier Bédard, claimed another stick position, forward of maestro and Senior Class leader, Normand Boyer, Kevin King, Jake Exton, beginner Fadi Mourad and Valérie Limoges.

Sunny skies dusty out a lane in a afternoon for a Nissan Micra owners’ march path and a competition drivers opted for sharp tires on a dry lane to start a race. As shortly as a immature dwindle was waved, 20 Nissan Micra S vehicles began a stellar show!

In a soppy Saturday, underneath a object Sunday: The march of Nissan Micra’s Canadian owners during Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

The tip 6 drivers fast found themselves in a good battle, with Englishman Jake Exton wheel-to-wheel with Bédard for a tip spot. Limoges, Mourad, King and Boyer followed suit, prepared to advantage from even a smallest blunder among a leaders. Not distant behind, American Mike Ogren, Austin Riley and Frédéric Bernier were put on an considerable show.  

The drivers crossed a finish line underneath a counsel dwindle after an occurrence separated Mourad and Limoges, securing another feat for Bédard as he finished forward of Exton, King, Ogren, Riley, Bernier, Boyer (penalized 3 positions following hit with Limoges/Mourad), Ouellet, Touchette and Chaput. Chaput’s tip 10 outcome was generally considerable given it was his racing debut. The other rookies Bouthillier, Lapointe and Wener were grouped in 14th- 16th respectively.

Sunday’s altogether podium, with Olivier Bédard (2nd), Kevin King (1st), Valérie Limoges (3rd) and Fadi Mourad (1st Novice).

After claiming stick position in Sunday’s subordinate event heading adult to a second race, King was in a good place to put an finish to Bédard’s winning streak. All drivers had an glorious start and as per a subordinate order, King, Boyer, Bédard, Limoges and Exton did not let adult for a whole 40-minute race. Thousands of trackside spectators hold their common exhale on mixed occasions as they witnessed several sublime flitting maneuvers by a Nissan Micra Cup drivers. Despite vigour from Bédard, who finished forward of Boyer by usually a few hundredths of a second, nobody was means to pass King on his approach to a well-earned victory. 

Boyer was penalized and finally finished sixth, Limoges clinched a mark on a podium, Jake Exton was fourth and Fadi Mourad was once again a tip Novice finisher and fifth overall. Frédéric Bernier, Nicolas Touchette, Mario Berthiaume and Mike Ogren finished a tip 10. Among this weekend’s new drivers to a series, Chaput steady as a widespread of a 4, finishing 11th overall, while Bouthillier was 15th, Lapointe 18th and Wener 19th.

First motorsport competition of his life and already an altogether tip 10 finish for Éric Chaput.

In a drivers’ championship, Bédard maintains his lead on a standings, sitting forward of King, Boyer – personality of Senior Class – and Limoges. Mourad stays a personality of a Novice group.  

For some-more information on a Nissan Micra Cup and a drivers, greatfully revisit a site Don’t skip array news on the Nissan Micra Cup Facebook page, as good as live information and formula on Twitter at @micracup. All central videos will be accessible on the Micra Cup TV YouTube channel


The seventh and eighth rounds of a 2018 deteriorate will be hold on Saturday, Aug 11 and Sunday, Aug 12 as partial of a Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. Nissan Canada has also designed many activities during a lane and in city all weekend long.  

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