Nissan: Podium finish for Nissan in Sydney

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SYDNEY, Australia After a prolonged and prohibited competition on a streets during Sydney Olympic Park, Rick Kelly has claimed a hard-fought lectern finish, providing a interruption benefaction to longtime unite Jack Daniel’s.

The #15 Jack Daniel’s Racing entrance started a final competition of a year in fifth position, following unchanging subordinate and Top 10 Shootout performances. A clever start and discerning array stops ensured that Kelly would sojourn in a rival position via a race. The lectern result, Rick’s fourth for 2015, elevates him to ninth place in a final Championship standings.


Michael Caruso overcame trade issues in subordinate to make a Top 10 Shootout, and started a day’s 250km competition in ninth. Following a initial turn of array stops, a #23 Nissan NISMO entrance forsaken behind only outward a Top 10, though Caruso kept charging and would cranky a line in eighth. The outcome is his tenth Top 10 finish for 2015 and sees him finish a year 12th in a Championship.

The #7 carsales Racing Altima of Todd Kelly raced tough all afternoon to finish in 13th. Starting a competition in 19th position Todd finished adult several positions on a initial lap, and following an early array stop would spend a day hovering only outward Top 10. Todd finishes a 2015 Championship in 17th position.

James Moffat put a severe weekend behind him with a clever expostulate from his initial 17th place on a grid. His comparatively trouble-free competition resulted in a #99 Faresin Industries Altima channel a line in 16th. Moffat has now resolved his three-year attribute with Nissan Motorsport, and a whole group wishes James a best of fitness in a future.

The 2016 V8 Supercars Championship kicks off with a Clipsal 500 in Adelaide on Mar 3 to 6.


Rick Kelly, #15 Jack Daniel’s Racing Nissan Altima

“It was a really sparkling approach to finish a year. We’ve got a lot of movement and really sparkling pace, sparkling plan and an sparkling team.

“But currently was all about Jack Daniel’s, and it was a good approach to contend ‘thank we really much’ for their support.

“To be with a group for 7 years and a difficulty for 10 is covenant to a people there, and for us, we couldn’t be some-more vehement by a result.

“It was a illusory day.”
Todd Kelly, #7 carsales Racing Nissan Altima V8

“Today it didn’t hurl out a way. We had a flattering tough automobile to expostulate from a initial path of a race, that it finished a competition a tough one. We also had a few flattering normal array stops, so where we finished adult is where we finished up. But it’s good for a group to have Rick on a lectern and have Jack Daniel’s sent off with a lectern like that is flattering cool.

“We’re starting to get a lot closer now with all a things we’ve got in a tube for subsequent season, and we’re all flattering excited. It’ll be good to have a break, though observant that we’ve got a lot of work we need to get finished to start subsequent deteriorate during a subsequent turn from where we are during right now”

Michael Caruso, #23 NISMO Nissan Altima V8

“It’s good to finish inside a Top 10, though currently was another ‘what could have been,’ that is a small disappointing. But we’ll really work tough in a off-season to make it improved for subsequent year.

“As distant as highlights for 2015, a lectern as Winton was great. It was good to take home a prize and prerogative a boys for their tough work.

“For afterwards subsequent month I’ll substantially do positively zero and only recover. There will be copiousness of tough work to be had in a new year, so I’ll make certain I’m mentally and physically prepared for a challenge.”

James Moffat, #99 Faresin Industries Nissan Altima V8

“It’s been a bit of a catastrophic weekend and not how we wanted to finish my year or my time with a team. So I’m unhappy for that and for a guys. They did a mega pursuit all weekend carrying to repair a automobile a integrate of times. We managed to half deliver something currently and afterwards we got punted on a final lap, that sums adult my year: wrong place during a wrong time.

“I’d only like to appreciate all a guys on my automobile and everybody who has left to make a final 3 years a bit of fun.

“I consider to be a initial competition leader with Nissan will be something I’ll demeanour behind on and be unapproachable of. we feel like we’ve missed a few opportunities this year, though that’s only how racing goes sometimes. Good fitness to everybody in a group and we wish them all a success”


1. Shane outpost Gisbergen
2. Jamie Whincup
3. Rick Kelly
4. Mark Winterbottom
5. David Reynolds
6. Craig Lowndes
7. Lee Holdsworth
8. Michael Caruso
9. Scott Pye
10. Fabian Coulthard
13. Todd Kelly
16. James Moffat

After all 36 races.

1. Mark Winterbottom 3126
2. Craig Lowndes -238
3. David Reynolds -336
4. Shane outpost Gisbergen -534
5. Jamie Whincup -599
6. Garth Tander -662
7. Fabian Coulthard -704
8. Scott McLaughlin -1041
9. Rick Kelly -1092
10. James Courtney -1136
12. Michael Caruso -1348
17. Todd Kelly -1582
18. James Moffat -1603


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