Nissan: Pre-season Q&A with 2015 Nissan PlayStation GT Academy International leader Matt Simmons forward of a Blancpain GT Endurance Cup

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LE CASTELLET, France Australian Matt Simmons, leader of a 2015 Nissan PlayStation GT Academy International competition, has been contrast a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 during a Paul Ricard circuit in France this week.

The central pre-season exam is critical credentials for Simmons’ 2016 season, racing in a prestigious Blancpain GT Endurance Cup for a Nissan GT Academy Team RJN, fortifying array champions.

Last year, before winning GT Academy, Simmons was a ardent gamer, motorsport fan and Australia Post bearer outpost driver. He speaks here about his transition from “gamer to racer.”

Q1: What’s life been like alighting in a unfamiliar nation and doing something we usually dreamed about previously?
Simmons: we had dual or 3 months of training and usually removing unequivocally vehement about removing here and it didn’t unequivocally penetrate in that I’d achieved a agreement until we was on a craft entrance to a UK. But now that I’m here, removing a possibility to spend some time with my teammates in a training camp, it’s unequivocally apropos unequivocally genuine and a fad is there. we can’t wait to get behind in a car.

Q2: You looked flattering fit before we came over for a initial foe though what has a training been like and how has your aptness developed?
Simmons: As we mentioned, we worked tough before to get to that initial competition; after that it’s usually continued to go in a brazen direction. The power has left adult and it’s usually motorsport focus. We’ve unequivocally been focusing on scurry continuation and aerobic continuation so we can apparently mold my physique into an continuation motorist for a Blancpain GT Series. The growth module has focussed on that with continued consistent assessments. Then entrance home, we were given a utterly heated winter program, that was roughly like a full time pursuit of 4 days a week and around 4 hours in a gym a day. For me it was good to have a possibility to usually concentration on my aptness and get my physique prepared for this year. we feel like we still have so most some-more to learn and if we can get myself as fit as probable afterwards we can give myself a best possibility to learn as fast as we can behind a wheel.

Q3: You were means to do some miles with Nissan GT Academy Team RJN towards a finish of final year in a UK, what was that like and how did we suffer a experience?
Simmons: It was a dream come loyal to be honest. It was something that we were all not wakeful of when we initial got here for a growth module so it was unequivocally most a surprise. Also spending time with a group over a foe weekends when we initial got here was roughly like a prerogative as well. It was like they felt that we was surpassing to a turn that we was given a eventuality to have a expostulate in their GT-R GT3 so it was an extraordinary dual tests that we was given. Fortunately, one was indeed in a soppy and one was in a dry, so to me, now looking behind it was indeed ideal to have both those conditions, since now we feel that we have some arrange of knowledge that when we come into those same scenarios in Blancpain I’ve got something to anxiety on.

Q4: When we get to a initial race, apparently a turn of foe is going to arise to an even aloft level. What are your expectations?
Simmons: For myself, it’s to get as gentle as we can with a automobile and learn as most as we can from my teammate Sean Walkinshaw being a pro driver, and apparently Romain (Sarazin), and usually perplexing to work together to get ourselves adult to speed. we don’t wish to set too most expectancy on myself since we feel like it’s going to be a challenge. For me, we wish to be means to suffer it though also learn from a group and altogether usually get unequivocally gentle and work forward.

The initial foe we would apparently adore to finish and that’s what a idea is and apparently a aloft a better, since we are racing drivers and we are competitive! we feel like I’ve prepared unequivocally good entrance into a exam alone though will continue to pull towards a initial race. we feel unequivocally prepared and we feel like I’ve been unequivocally good prepared to give myself a unequivocally best eventuality in a car.

Q5: Looking brazen to a exam this week, have we had a possibility to do any kind of practical miles during Paul Ricard, do they have that lane on a simulator during all?
Simmons: Yes, it was partial of a training camp. We had a day in a sim during NISMO lab and that was a good eventuality to use a routine of a simulator and learn a track, a steering points and a braking markers. Generally, usually perplexing to get into a stroke so you’re not so most meditative about what is entrance adult next, we kind of feel utterly comfortable, and that was my ultimate idea on that day and to find some pace. It was a unequivocally prolific day, that we achieved yesterday so we took a lot divided from that as well. we can see myself feeling utterly gentle when we do get out on lane for a initial time during a exam in a few days’ time.

Q6: Back home, what does your family and your friends consider about this eventuality that has been given to you?
Simmons: It’s been utterly surreal and sparkling with my family and friends. They’ve been means to watch each step and even when I’ve been means to go divided and have a opportunities that we can usually dream of having. To have a eventuality over a mangle to see them and share stories and usually altogether get an bargain of what I’ve finished since has been great. We’re usually so bustling with a growth program, you’re constantly perplexing to get a best out of yourself each day, we don’t have a possibility to lay behind and comprehend what I’ve achieved. It was a unequivocally unapproachable impulse to be with my family and friends. They’re unequivocally vehement for a arriving year and they’re unequivocally kind of roving along with me as a tour goes on this year and it’s going to be overwhelming to have my support behind home while we get a possibility to foe over here in Europe.

Q7: Apart from a weather, what have we found to be a biggest change about vital in a UK?
Simmons: To me, it unequivocally is a weather! Everything else is indeed utterly identical to home, apparently food and all that, it’s arrange of my normal vicinity of vital during home. It’s formidable to get a small bit comfortable, though a continue is substantially a hardest for me and removing practiced to a time zones, that’s unequivocally utterly wily and something I’m perplexing to learn each time we do come from Australia to a UK to try and minimize that outcome and try and get myself to 100 percent when I’m here, so that if we have a eventuality to be in a automobile or doing a training stay we can make certain that I’m healthy and that I’m fit and that we can ready myself well.

I usually also can’t get over how cold it is here. My physique is unequivocally not practiced to this; it’s good practiced to Queensland weather! One coupler for me is still not adequate though regardless of a continue I’m usually unequivocally happy to be here. It’s unequivocally small to put adult with for what we get to do since 12 months ago I’d routinely be home and forgetful to be a partial of this whole knowledge so a continue for me, I’m good. I’ll usually have to go see my family some-more in Melbourne. we consider that’s a plan.

Q8: When we grew adult in Australia, who were your engine racing heroes that we looked adult to or who were a guys that we were a fan of?
Simmons: I’m a unequivocally large fan of Mark Webber. we grew adult examination Formula 1. It was one of those things where I’d stay adult late Sunday night and I’d watch it, even if it was a early hours of Monday morning, before we started school. we consider he usually kind of encompasses what an Aussie suggestion is and all that creates an Aussie racing driver. He gave me a lot of proclivity to be a racing driver.

Q9: The Nissan guys started a deteriorate unequivocally good in V8 Supercars and World Challenge in a U.S. – have we been following their progress?
Simmons: Yes, it’s been good to arise adult and hear all a good news of a deteriorate kicking off good for Nissan. we consider each year they continue to get improved and surpassing and training with a cars and being means to get a formula out of it on a foe weekend. I’m anticipating we get a possibility to watch some clips of a Clipsal 500 during some indicate if we can since we unequivocally suffer that eventuality and a whole V8 Supercar experience. we followed that when we was a child and unequivocally enjoyed it.

Also, unequivocally good news to hear Bryan Heitkotter, partial of a GT Academy family, finishing P2 in Pirelli World Challenge. we consider that’s extraordinary to see him in a pro category and start a year so well. I’m unequivocally looking brazen to saying how he progresses via a year in a step adult to what he achieved in a good deteriorate a year before. It’s gives us a lot of certainty to see a Nissan GT-R and a Nissan module still stability clever this year and we’re anticipating for a same thing going into a exam and afterwards Monza.


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