Nissan: Regarding critical bungle by Nissan Chairman and one deputy director

Posted on 19. Nov, 2018 by in Nissan Canada

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Based on a whistleblower report, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) has been conducting an inner review over a past several months per bungle involving a company’s Representative Director and Chairman Carlos Ghosn and Representative Director Greg Kelly.

The review showed that over many years both Ghosn and Kelly have been stating remuneration amounts in a Tokyo Stock Exchange bonds news that were reduction than a tangible amount, in sequence to revoke a disclosed volume of Carlos Ghosn’s compensation.

Also, in regards to Ghosn, countless other poignant acts of bungle have been uncovered, such as personal use of association assets, and Kelly’s low impasse has also been confirmed.

Nissan has been providing information to a Japanese Public Prosecutors Office and has been entirely auxiliary with their investigation. We will continue to do so.

As a bungle unclosed by a inner review constitutes transparent violations of a avocation of caring as directors, Nissan’s Chief Executive Officer Hiroto Saikawa will introduce to a Nissan Board of Directors to soon mislay Ghosn from his positions as Chairman and Representative Director. Saikawa will also introduce a dismissal of Greg Kelly from his position as Representative Director.

Nissan deeply apologizes for causing good regard to a shareholders and stakeholders. We will continue a work to brand a governance and correspondence issues, and to take suitable measures.


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