Nissan: Remarks from José Muñoz and Alfonso Albaisa in Detroit

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NAIAS Press Conference
January 15, 2018


José Muñoz
Chief Performance Officer (CPO) Chairman of Management Committee for North America (MC NA)

Good morning and acquire to a destiny of Nissan.
It’s my pleasure to deliver a new judgment car that embodies a prophesy and joining to Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

This is a Xmotion (Cross Motion) Concept, a rarely modernized crossover that fuses American application with Japanese craftsmanship and complicated technology.



Nissan unveils Xmotion judgment during 2018 North American International Auto Show


It signals a start of a confidant new instruction for Nissan in a C-SUV segment.

Now, we know what we might be thinking. Nissan has already jarred adult this vicious segment.

With award-winning, best-selling products like Rogue and Rogue Sport, Qashqai, and Kicks, we’ve clearly figured out how to give C-SUV business around a universe what they want.

We are unapproachable of a passion and imagination we’ve brought to this segment…
and a success we’ve achieved.

But as a Xmotion Concept creates this clear, we are usually removing started. 

In a few moments, Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s Senior Vice President for Global Design, will share a Xmotion’s pattern story and plead some of a pivotal features.

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But, first, let me tell we because I’m so vehement about this vehicle.

This energetic crossover, with modernized unconstrained expostulate capabilities, represents a start of a new epoch for Nissan.

In fact, it provides a plans for what we can pattern from a stirring C-SUV line-up, and from destiny Nissan Intelligent Mobility-enabled products.

These vehicles are a cornerstone of a mid-term plan.

Let me tell we about this plan, that we call “Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022.”

It has dual categorical objectives:

To grasp tolerable enlargement while ensuring healthy profitability and plain giveaway money flow.

And to lead a automotive attention in new technologies and business expansion, corroborated by Nissan’s record DNA.

Solid opening gains in a categorical markets – including here in a U.S. –will be pivotal in achieving tolerable growth. 

I’m gratified that a U.S. operations are clever and continue to advantage momentum.

This is not usually driven by good products.

It’s also a approach outcome of a poignant investments.

Over a past 30 years, Nissan has invested some-more than $11 billion dollars in a U.S. operations.

To date, we’ve constructed some-more than 15 million vehicles and 10 million engines in America. And we now have 4 U.S. plants.

Nissan’s trickery in Smyrna, Tennessee, is a largest, tip volume car public plant in all of North America and a source of some-more than 8,000 jobs.

Nationwide, we directly occupy some-more than 22,000 group members and support tens of thousands of jobs during Nissan and Infiniti dealerships and retailer companies.

This substructure has authorised Nissan to emanate a industry-leading choice of crossovers, trucks and sedans here in a U.S., including a best-selling Rogue, TITAN, Pathfinder, and Altima.

As a result, 2017 was another record year for a Nissan Group in a U.S., with some-more than 1.5 million vehicles sole and marketplace share reaching 9.2%.

To accelerate a progress, this summer, we will start offered a new Nissan Kicks.

This will raise Nissan’s participation in a flourishing compress crossover segment.

Now, we pronounced a devise had dual goals.

The second is to lead a record and business expansion that’s underway.

Our record care will be secure in Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a pull to pierce people to a improved universe by delivering vehicles with some-more autonomy, some-more electrification, and some-more connectivity.

One advantage we pierce to a list is a Alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, that is one of a tip automotive groups in a world.

The Alliance is accelerating a expansion of new technologies that will advantage business and communities worldwide.

Already, we have taken some sparkling stairs forward.

In terms of unconstrained drive, a Rogue is a initial car in a U.S. versed with Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist Technology.

With ProPILOT Assist, a car can assistance control a speed as good as a stretch from other vehicles and core itself in a singular line while on a highway.

Nissan ProPILOT Assist lays a substructure for destiny unconstrained pushing technologies.

Already, Nissan has sole 75,000 vehicles with ProPILOT technology.

That means that Nissan has some-more semi-autonomous vehicles on a highway than any other mass-market carmaker.

We pattern this series to grow significantly over a subsequent 4 years, as we raise it to some-more vehicles in Japan, a U.S., Europe and China.

By 2022, Nissan will offer ProPILOT technologies on all core models.

Our concentration on delivering larger – and, someday, full – liberty is exciting.

And it goes hand-in-hand with a substructure efforts, that we wish to quickly mention.

As we know, Nissan launched a EV in 2010 with a pioneering, first-generation LEAF.

Since then, we’ve sole some-more than 300,000 EVs worldwide.

Going forward, we see EVs during a heart of destiny Nissan line-ups.

We have some innovative new EVs in a pipeline, starting with a all-new LEAF that goes on sale in a U.S. this month.

It’s transparent that business are excited. We have some-more than 13,000 reservations in a U.S.

And, given a new LEAF launched in Japan final October,
LEAF orders, over a final 4 months, have already matched a sum series of LEAFs sole during all of final year.

So, we’re assured a new LEAF will assistance to say a tellurian care position in a EV segment.

Lastly, we wish to discuss connectivity, that we call, “Intelligent Integration,” that connects a vehicles to society. 

Today, a vehicles promulgate by NissanConnect Services and with apps like Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

In addition, by Vehicle to Home and Vehicle to Grid technologies, that will be gradually introduced, a EV business will be means to conduct their possess appetite consumption. 

Even as Nissan moves to lead a record revolution, there’s one some-more thing that won’t change.

We will continue to make significant, vital investments in a U.S. operations.

This marketplace will fuel a enlargement and enthuse some of a many advanced, many sparkling products in Nissan’s future.

The new Xmotion Concept offers a peek into this future.

And we wish you’ll take some time currently to check it out and see for yourself because we’re so vehement about this new epoch of mobility.

Now, to tell we some-more about a Xmotion Concept, it’s my pleasure to spin things over to my co-worker and friend, Alfonso Albaisa.


Alfonso Albaisa
Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Global Design

Thank you, Jose.

New breakthrough technologies are now in a hands – innovations that enthuse new shapes, new meditative and new expressions.

Building on a transformation from a IMX Concept Car in Tokyo with Xmotion, we wish to uncover a some-more imperishable and brave suggestion of
Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

One that is some-more clever and stable though is also some-more polished and connected.

Xmotion is partial of a broader series to pierce a business to a improved universe by a different lineup of vehicles, including crossovers and SUVs.

For designers, it is now about seamlessly joining a business by record to all of a smashing things in their lives.

Design mirrors society.

So a common change towards some-more autonomy, some-more electrification, and some-more connectivity guides a shapes of a vehicles.

So in conceptualizing a Xmotion, we wrapped a newcomer cocoon with a constructional shell.

We uncover a elementary structure of a car in a energetic – nonetheless elementary pattern language.

As we jump brazen with these smashing technologies, we have also returned to a roots of a association and a home nation of Japan.

We drew impulse from a undying Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship, that have been upheld down by generations.

In a debate by a pattern process, we were desirous by Japanese concepts to find morality so we could keep a concentration on a tellurian experience.

More than 100 years of skill is pushing us into a future.

Why don’t we take we on a tour, starting with a outside.

The outdoor skin was desirous by lead alloys of Japanese craftsmanship.

It’s clever and elegant, providing a protecting armor bombard around a passengers.

Coming around a front, we can conclude a perplexing detailing of a V-motion movement.

The grille textures and a iconic rebound headlamps, that artistically interlock with a front fenders entrance around a side, we can see a singular u-shaped physique structure that encapsulates a newcomer cell in a protecting and distinguished way.

Here again we can see how we were desirous by a Japanese history.

About 400 years ago, a new modernism swept Japan, giving some-more people entrance to objects that were intelligent and elementary during a initial peek though intricately designed when seen closer.

We were desirous by this clarity of discovery.

As a result, a Xmotion is absolute and elementary during a glance, though when we get closer we can see aspects of pattern firmness – like a red accent of a roof covering that is stable by a steel physique that is absolute and pure.

Coming around a back, we can see how we had a small fun with a layered-nuanced tail lamps, desirous by a comfortable timber patterns of Japanese “KU-MIKI.”

Now, let’s take a demeanour during a interior.

With a doors open, we can see how we offset craftsmanship with technology.
You can see how a customers’ enterprise to be connected to their information – non-stop a doors to a possess digital art.

The interior space looks like a landscape.

The core console symbolizes a wooden overpass joining dual cultures –
though also bridging undying tradition with tomorrow’s technology.

The tone intrigue uses scarlet, white and black to paint power, virginity and intensity.

The pattern of a headrest provides comfort and support, while embedded speakers raise a knowledge even some-more with approximate sound technology.

The instrument row is done of Japanese cedar, giving a complicated interpretation to centuries aged aesthetics.

The beautifully singular Graphic User Interface is designed for a tellurian in all of us by intuitively and artistically joining a vehicle’s party and unconstrained information.

It puts absolute record during your fingertips – record that is designed to make your life easier and your journeys some-more sparkling and enjoyable.

So a Xmotion expresses a dream for a SUV and a crossover in a subsequent section of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

It brings craftsmanship to a high-tech environment, while preserving a clarity of amiability in a complicated world.

It is tough and strong, elementary and purposeful, and delivers a expostulate that is some-more sparkling than ever before, including unconstrained city driving.

This is a prophesy for a destiny of crossovers and SUVs, a destiny that will be here most earlier than we think.

With that, we would like to appreciate my Global Design group during Nissan, and generally a Executive Design Director, Tai-san, who is assisting to lead us into a future.

Thank we really much.

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