Nissan: Renault-Nissan and Microsoft partner to broach a destiny of connected driving

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PARIS, France and REDMOND, Wash. – The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Microsoft Corp. have sealed a global, multiyear agreement to partner on next-generation technologies to allege connected pushing practice worldwide.

The companies will work together to rise next-generation connected services for cars powered by Microsoft Azure, one of a company’s intelligent cloud offerings. These new services will urge patron knowledge around modernized navigation, predictive upkeep and automobile centric services, remote monitoring of automobile features, outmost mobile practice and over-the-air updates.

“A automobile is apropos increasingly connected, intelligent and personal,” pronounced Ogi Redzic, Renault-Nissan Alliance comparison vice-president, Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services. “Partnering with Microsoft allows us to accelerate a growth of a compared pivotal technologies indispensable to capacitate scenarios a business wish and build all-new ones they haven’t even imagined. We aim to turn a provider of connected mobility for everybody with one singular tellurian platform.”

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is pioneering unconstrained pushing and connectivity facilities on mainstream, mass-market vehicles during affordable prices. The Alliance aims to rise connectivity technologies and facilities to support a launch of some-more than 10 vehicles with unconstrained pushing record by 2020 with services to maximize improved use of newly found in-car giveaway time.


Renault-Nissan will invariably rise and launch new connected services and applications that make it easier for people to stay connected to work, party and amicable networks, and offer automobile centric services that will facilitate and raise rendezvous with a automobile by usage-based information, remote access, remote diagnostics and surety maintenance

Microsoft Azure provides a proven, secure tellurian cloud height with total scale that allows Renault-Nissan to broach services worldwide to a extended patron base.

Renault-Nissan comparison Azure in partial given of a enterprise-grade confidence and Microsoft’s severe joining to compliance. In addition, Azure supports mixed handling systems, programming languages and tools, providing coherence and choice to build a common height for Renault-Nissan to muster services to both Alliance brands.

“While a connected automobile knowledge is in a infancy, we trust there’s so most intensity to dramatically change a industry,” pronounced Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive clamp boss and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft. “We are partnering to accelerate Renault-Nissan’s mobile and cloud strategies and clear new practice for their customers. Renault-Nissan is an well-developed partner interjection to a tellurian participation and operation of brands, that capacitate it to move wholly new mobile and digital practice to so many people. This partnership will move a new customary to connected cars.”

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Focus on Next-Generation Technologies

The partnership will accelerate growth of best-in-class infotainment and location-based services that will:

Allow business to personalize and strengthen their settings
Customers will be means to customize their settings meaningful that information is protected and that they have a choice to send a settings from one automobile to another, or close them and invalidate transfer. By adding a driver-centric knowledge in a car, a expostulate becomes personal and allows for things like adaptive track suggestions and modernized navigation.

With Microsoft, Renault-Nissan will enhance a area of capability into a automobile – transforming a daily invert into a prolific knowledge by seamlessly integrating a digital practice benefaction during work and life into a car.

Give entrance to over-the-air updates
Customers will be means to download over-the-air updates to, for example, have a latest unconstrained expostulate program and collision-avoidance applications.

Help business stay in hold
Customers will be means to simply check in and promulgate their estimated time of arrival, or warning friends to a change of plans. They will also be means to use involuntary remuneration from a automobile for highway tolls or parking, with a elementary hold from a comfort of their seat.

Monitor a automobile from a distance
Car owners will be means to guard their automobile from anywhere, by their mobile phone or laptop. They could send control to a crony or relations who needs their automobile – but transferring earthy keys. They will use a mobile focus that helps them find a car, can trigger remote charging and preconditioning and close and clear a car.

Protect a vehicle
Tracking program locates a stolen automobile and disables it during a subsequent unsentimental opportunity. “Geofencing” record creates invisible fences around a automobile that will capacitate notifications when a automobile enters or exits a predefined area or route.  

Improve a automobile experience
By adding connectivity, business will be means to have entrance to allege automobile evidence services, permitting a automobile manufacturer to broach singular features. Collecting genuine use information will also support automobile engineering to urge production quality.

About a Renault-Nissan Alliance
The Renault-Nissan Alliance is a vital partnership between Paris-based Renault and Yokohama, Japan-based Nissan, that together sell one in 10 cars worldwide. The companies, that have been vital partners given 1999, sole 8.5 million cars in scarcely 200 countries in 2015. The Alliance also operates vital collaborations with other automakers, including Germany’s Daimler, China’s Dongfeng, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors. The Alliance has a infancy interest in a corner try that owns Russia’s tip automaker, AVTOVAZ.

About Microsoft
Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @Microsoft) is a heading height and capability association for a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and a goal is to commission each chairman and each classification on a world to grasp more.


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