Nissan: Rzadzinski and Coupal explain Nissan Micra Cup victories during a Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières

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Mississauga, Ont.– This weekend during a Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, that once again captivated thousands of spectators, a Nissan Micra Cup hold a eleventh and twelfth races of a 2016 season. The dual races were action-packed and enclosed a array of position changes. In a end, Albertan motorist Stefan Rzadzinski claimed his initial feat of a deteriorate on Saturday, while Xavier Coupal warranted a win on Sunday.

Official partner of a 2016 Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, Nissan was really concerned on-site with countless guest and celebrities in a paddocks and a accumulation of activities for a public. The many expected activity for a fans was naturally a dual Nissan Micra Cup races on a report and a spectators were not disappointed.

Qualifying in stick position for a initial race, championship personality Xavier Coupal hoped this weekend in Trois-Rivières would boost his lead in a altogether standings.  But following a arrangement path behind a event’s reserve car, a 2017 Nissan GT-R, a immature dwindle was waved to symbol a start of a competition and Coupal was upheld by Rzadzinski and maestro Richard Spénard, who done his lapse to a array most to a pleasure of a fans. Spénard gave adult his position shortly after and Coupal changed up, one by one, to retrieve a lead after a illusory duel with Rzadzinski.

At a finish of a race, Xavier Coupal crossed a finish line initial though after examining a race, officials penalized him for pushing outward of a track’s boundary as he overtook Rzadzinski, dropping him to seventh place. This handed a feat to Stefan Rzadzinski, who was announced a leader for a initial time this season. Kevin King finished in second place after a good conflict with 2015 champion Olivier Bédard, a third place finisher. 

Jean-Michel Isabelle available a illusory fourth place finish after fending off Nismo GT Academy motorist Nic Hammann during a initial partial of a race. Valérie Limoges finished a tip six, followed by Xavier Coupal, Marc-Antoine Demers, Jacques Bélanger, Chris Sahakian, Frédéric Bernier and a tip novice, Stéfan Gauthier.

On Sunday, a twenty-five Nissan Micra Cup drivers took to a lane for a second race. After subordinate once again in stick position, Xavier Coupal tranquil a eventuality from a start to a finish, despite underneath vigour from Olivier Bédard a whole time.

Kevin King finished a lectern in third place forward of Hammann and Rzadzinski, who both started over behind in a container during a start though benefited from a three-car pile-up nearby a finish of a competition between Isabelle, Limoges and Spénard. Only Spénard was means to finish a race, forward of Demers, Bélanger, beginner Stéfan Gauthier and Normand Boyer.

Two internal drivers from Trois-Rivières took partial in this event. A unchanging in a series, Mario Berthiaume finished 13th on Saturday and 11th on Sunday. Paul Dargis, Bertrand Godin’s teammate in a United Auto automobile (#27), was usually competing in Saturday’s competition and finished 20th. Godin gained 8 places in Sunday’s competition to finish 13th.

Another prominence of a weekend was a participation of renouned comedian and actor Michel Barrette, guest of array upholder Jacques Deshaies. After perplexing a Nissan Micra S on Friday, Barrette announced his intentions to contest in a 2017 Nissan Micra Cup with his son, Nicolas.

In a drivers’ championship, Xavier Coupal stays solidly during a tip of a standings with 390 points, forward of Olivier Bédard (361), Kevin King (331), Stefan Rzadzinksi (330), Nic Hamman (246) and Valérie Limoges (242). For a rookies, Stefan Gauthier claimed feat on both Saturday and Sunday, holding a lead of this category with 67 points.

This weekend during a Grand-Prix de Trois-Rivières was a outrageous success for Nissan and spectators were kept intent via a whole event. The subsequent competition weekend is being hold during a Canadian Tire Motorsport Park during NASCAR Weekend on Sep 2nd, 3rd and 4th, during that a Nissan Micra Cup drivers will contest in a thirteenth and fourteenth races of a season.  

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