Nissan: Style, Performance, Reliability: Why Nissan’s 99,999th LEAF Customer Went Electric

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Amy Eichenberger of Charlottesville, Va., became a 99,999th tellurian Nissan LEAF patron when she purchased her 100 percent electric automobile (EV) during Colonial Nissan.

Amy, a 47-year-old mom of two, wasn’t even in a marketplace for a new car. Then she speckled a University of Virginia colleague’s Nissan LEAF and motionless she wanted to know some-more about a “modern-looking, unconventional and progressive” car.

“As an architect, a character initial got my attention, and we desired a judgment of 0 emissions,” Amy said. Amy is a plan manager overseeing vital collateral investments for a University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Nissan LEAF was a initial automobile Amy exam drove, and she desired a zip it had. A Mercedes motorist for 10 years, Amy describes herself as “picky.” Quality, safety, a “glide ride” and trustworthiness were during a tip of Amy’s automobile offered list criteria.

She pronounced she had a few initial reservations—primarily around range—so she tested out some gasoline and diesel competitors as well. “I’d been told once we gathering a Mercedes I’d never expostulate anything else again. we don’t need fancy, though we do conclude a plain feel and craftsmanship of a oppulance vehicle, and we get that in a LEAF,” Amy said.

“The ubiquitous fuel economy out there is unimpressive and many of them felt tin-canny. we didn’t even wish to demeanour during anything in a 20 MPG range. we deliberate a VW Jetta TDI, Toyota Prius, Honda CRV and a integrate of Subaru wagons, and we always came behind to a Nissan LEAF. Everything else seemed stranded in a past,” Amy explained. 

Amy eventually chose a LEAF S in Glacier White. Her invert is about 10 miles to a university any day and many of her errand-running is around a city—well underneath a LEAF’s estimated operation of 84 miles on a full charge. 

“I have friends we like to revisit in Richmond, that we can do in a LEAF with some planning, and in DC, that I’ll do in my son’s or boyfriend’s car. LEAF will accommodate my needs 98 percent of a time, and we didn’t wish to let a small operation stress forestall me from blank out on what we cruise a many some-more on-going and forward-thinking automobile than any of a alternatives.”

Chris Crowley, a dedicated EV peddler for Colonial Nissan, sole Amy her LEAF. He explained that LEAF buyers are not customary walk-ins. “LEAF buyers generally come in good prepared about a vehicle, looking for even some-more information and wanting to see how it feels and drives. We spend a lot of time articulate about pushing habits to make certain it meets their needs and reviewing how really many it’s like any other automobile in a capabilities with a total advantage of no fuel bill. Folks like to be green, though we can speak to their slot books as well,” Chris said.

Chris has been with Colonial Nissan for dual years and has been a lead EV chairman for many of that time. He’s sole 9 LEAFs sum with 3 of those entrance in a past 3 weeks. “LEAF sales have picked adult since once we were offered to engineers who were fans of a automobile and knew accurately how it worked. Now we’re offered to a many broader audience, and we consider we’ve benefitted from a few folks who resolved to be greener in a new year.”

Nissan LEAF launched in a United States in Dec 2010. The United States accounts for scarcely half of a sales worldwide. The gait of LEAF sales has continued to accelerate. In 2013, Nissan sole 22,610 of a electric vehicles in a United States, some-more than twice as many as in 2012 and some-more than 2012 and 2011 Leaf sales combined.

Nissan LEAF traditionally has achieved good on a West Coast with important markets such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, though now seductiveness has stretched opposite a country. New prohibited markets have emerged such as Atlanta, that has been a No. 1 LEAF marketplace for a past 5 months.

“With LEAF, we see a high turn of organic expansion and viral sales where LEAF owners turn a best evangelists and salespeople. With electric vehicles, many folks assume a 100 percent electric automobile won’t accommodate their needs until they discuss with a neighbor, co-worker or family crony who loves their LEAF and explain a practicality, and afterwards it goes on their care list,” pronounced Erik Gottfried, Nissan’s executive of EV Sales and Marketing. “In fact, we’re saying identical formula with a geographic apportionment of sales. With sales high in Atlanta, we now see other Georgia markets such as Macon and Columbus picking adult poignant momentum, identical to Eugene, Ore., following on a success of Portland.”

Nissan LEAF is best-selling EV in story with 48 percent marketplace share of a electric automobile marketplace globally. As of Nov 2013, Nissan LEAF drivers have finished an estimated 1 billion zero-emission kilometers, ensuing in approximately 165 million kilograms of CO2 saved.

Nissan LEAF offers absolute acceleration, still operation, appetite potency and low cost of maintenance. Nissan has extended a customary guaranty for a battery-power holding ability with a possess additional guaranty for patron compensation and assurance.

After heading a epoch of foundation in newcomer vehicles with a LEAF, in 2014 Nissan will turn a initial to move a mass-market all-electric light blurb automobile to market. The e-NV200 will go on sale in Europe and Japan bringing a advantages of quiet, cost-efficient, zero-emissions mobility to businesses.

In Jun 2014, Nissan will attend in a 24 Hours of Le Mans with a NISSAN ZEOD RC and aims to set a record for a fastest all-electric, zero-emissions path of a circuit. Nissan is committed to regulating a EV height to mangle new belligerent in both a commercial-vehicle and motorsports arenas.

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