Nissan: ‘The Global War for Talent,’ a latest LinkedIn post from Carlos Ghosn

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In his latest LinkedIn Influencer post, Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn addresses a tellurian execution for employing and gripping talent in a automobile industry. Read all of Ghosn’s LinkedIn posts here.

As a tellurian automobile attention prepares for a transition to an sparkling new epoch of technological capability and change, we find ourselves in a tellurian fight for talent.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance and other automotive players are investing heavily in building Autonomous Drive and modernized connectivity record that will energy a cars of a not-so-distant future, and in a people who will make it happen.

And we are increasingly competing for that talent opposite non-automotive companies – Apple, Uber, Google and record startups from Bangalore, India, to Sunnyvale, California – that are also investing in this technological revolution.

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance is in a routine of employing a core organisation of during slightest 300 record experts for a newly combined connected automobile and mobility services group. We’re seeking those with imagination in program and cloud engineering, information analytics, appurtenance training and systems architecture.

These new hires will have a singular event to work on a subsequent era of connected vehicles and mobility services for one of a leaders in a automotive space. We are holding a summary directly to pursuit seekers meddlesome in fasten a many dynamic, diverse, fast-moving organisation that will change a approach people consider about cars.


More on a Nissan IDS.

The Alliance Connected Vehicle and Mobility Services organisation is led by Ogi Redzic. In January, Ogi changed to Paris from Chicago and assimilated a Alliance from HERE, a mapping use before owned by Nokia and formerly famous as NAVTEQ.

Our representation is candid and constrained to globally disposed technologists: Renault-Nissan is building a startup within a many different multinational automobile group. We offer a far-reaching array of career options and subsequent steps, with chances to live and work with teams in Paris, Yokohama or any of a investigate and growth centers worldwide, from Silicon Valley to Chennai, India.

We are also a tellurian personality in zero-emission vehicles, with a 50 percent tellurian marketplace share and some-more electric automobile production capability than any other association on a planet.  We are heading a series toward 0 emissions and, interjection to Autonomous Drive and connectivity technology, toward 0 fatalities.

Unlike many of a competitors, Renault-Nissan is operative toward 0 emissions and 0 fatalities for mainstream, mass-market consumers during affordable prices. We would never concentration a RD efforts exclusively on six-figure oppulance cars for niche markets; we can’t have a suggestive impact if we sell exclusively to a rich. We are a usually automobile organisation globally whose mantra is “Mobility for All.”

In further to formulating a 300-person startup within Renault-Nissan, we are also operative closely with suppliers in and outward a normal automotive industry. We can't pierce to a zero-emission and zero-fatality destiny but partners.

I have pronounced many times that we design a tellurian automobile attention to see some-more changes in a subsequent 5 years than it has in a final 20.  Those changes will move extensive opportunities for those with a skills and talents to assistance a Alliance emanate one of a many sparkling transformations in travel history.

Get some-more information about a jobs accessible here. Read some-more about a Alliance’s skeleton in this new Bloomberg report.


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