Nissan: The helmet comes off: Nissan reveals a temperament of the tip Stig

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  • Nissan Europe’s in-house Stig unmasked for a initial time
  • Top in-house exam motorist ensures opening peculiarity on each new automobile for internal markets
  • Latest plan is building Nissan’s Autonomous Drive record for recover in 2017

ROLLE, Switzerland Some contend he cooking a whole Versa Note for breakfast. Some contend his bed is a GT-R chassis, and he sleeps sideways. All we know is he’s called Paul Eames, and he is Nissan’s unequivocally possess tame racing driver.

As automobile fans around a universe ready for a energetically expected new array of strike BBC TV uncover Top Gear, Nissan has private a helmet of a tip European exam motorist for a initial time to exhibit his identity.

Paul plays a pivotal purpose in a group charged with creation certain each new automobile Nissan develops is boldly a best it can be for EU roads. As one of usually 4 consultant drivers outward Japan who’s warranted Nissan’s ultimate pushing qualification, Paul completes large laps of a company’s several exam marks around a world.

With 20 years of knowledge during Nissan, Paul knows instinctively if a new car’s framework is optimized for a best change between opening and newcomer comfort. While he positively has super-human skills behind a wheel, he also has a talent for putting himself in a mind of a customer.

“With a new GT-R, that goes on sale this summer, a pattern was to make it as exciting, grippy and fast as probable when being driven to extremes, since that’s what a GT-R owners wants,” pronounced Eames.

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But a manners are unequivocally opposite when building best-selling models such as a Nissan JUKE or European Qashqai crossovers.

“These cars need to be as agile, fast and protected as possible, though during a same time broach comfort and suppleness for a people who will buy them,” pronounced Eames, who began his automotive career in a mid-eighties as a technician.

Paul’s pursuit isn’t only about shred tenths of a second off path times – nonetheless he’s unequivocally good during that. It’s some-more about replicating how Nissan business will indeed expostulate their cars in a genuine world.

“I expostulate during opposite speeds, in opposite positions on a road, adult and down curbs, opposite rutted tracks, on motorways and in complicated stop/start congestion,” pronounced Eames. “For Nissan, it’s all about a peculiarity of a pushing experience. Only afterwards can we unequivocally weigh a loyal energetic opening of a automobile and make certain it’s right for a customer.”

Paul’s pursuit is a massively formidable one since Nissan develops cars for markets all opposite a world, and highway surfaces change in terms of construction, cove and peculiarity of surface. What works boldly in one nation competence not work in another. As a result, he travels around a universe from cold-weather contrast nearby a Arctic Circle to hot-weather contrast in Spain.

He is now operative closely with Nissan’s Autonomous Drive engineers, enlightening a technology. Nissan is already substantiating itself as a tellurian personality in a rising technology, with ProPilot (single-lane unconstrained driving) set to entrance on a Nissan Qashqai subsequent year.

“Autonomous Drive is about giving a motorist some-more control – about gripping a beguiling elements of pushing and holding divided some of a reduction beguiling parts, as good as enhancing patron safety,” pronounced Eames. “This record is hugely sparkling for me and a Nissan Europe engineering team, as we’re during a slicing corner of outrageous change in a automotive industry.”


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About Nissan in Europe
Nissan has one of a many extensive European presences of any abroad manufacturer, contracting some-more than 14,500 staff opposite locally formed design, investigate development, manufacturing, logistics and sales selling operations. Last year Nissan plants in a UK, Spain and Russia constructed some-more than 635,000 vehicles including mini-MPVs, award-winning crossovers, SUVs, blurb vehicles and a Nissan LEAF, a world’s many renouned Electric Vehicle with 97% opening compensation and 95% of business peaceful to suggest a automobile to friends. Nissan now offers 24 different and innovative products for sale in Europe today, and is positioned to turn a series one Asian code in Europe.


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