Nissan: The Nissan JUKE-R gets an sparkling upgrade: Introducing a JUKE-R 2.0

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  • Nissan upgrades a mythological strange JUKE-R Crossover supercar
  • The JUKE-R 2.0 judgment creates a tellurian energetic entrance during Goodwood Festival of Speed in a UK
  • Drawing on considerable opening from a GT-R, a JUKE-R 2.0 will strech 600bhp
  • LM P1 motorist and GT Academy leader Jann Mardenborough to showcase a JUKE-R 2.0 adult a famous Goodwood hill
  • Launched this Summer to flog start a fifth anniversary of a Nissan JUKE

WEST SUSSEX, England The birth of a Nissan JUKE-R set a benchmark in 2011 as a world’s initial Crossover supercar, marrying Nissan’s innovative JUKE with a engine and using rigging from a mythological Nissan GT-R – a brand’s flagship sportscar. Now, 4 years on, JUKE-R has been given an sparkling ascent to simulate a latest indication of a JUKE joined with even some-more energy and bolder styling. Welcome a JUKE-R 2.0.

The tellurian entrance of a JUKE-R 2.0 will take place during a stirring annual Goodwood Festival of Speed on Jun 25 on a Nissan mount before being displayed in a Supercar Paddock for a residue of a weekend.

Visitors during Goodwood, along with those examination a fantastic eventuality on television, will also declare a JUKE-R 2.0 make a energetic entrance on Goodwood’s Hillclimb on all 3 days of a event, driven by Nissan GT Academy connoisseur and Le Mans 24 Hours motorist Jann Mardenborough.

Based on a updated Nissan JUKE that launched in Europe in 2014 – that facilities several poignant pattern and technical enhancements – a JUKE-R 2.0 has been injected with serve levels of GT-R testosterone to now strech 600hp. Still sporting a iconic “R” matte black, a JUKE-R 2.0 is an even some-more muscular, bolder and absolute chronicle of a predecessor.

“The JUKE-R has spin an iconic Crossover supercar, and with a launch of a latest JUKE indication final year, it was a healthy choice to ascent a strange JUKE-R with combined energy and even bolder styling,” pronounced Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Communications ubiquitous manager for Nissan Europe. “The JUKE-R 2.0 is a ideal ‘crossover’ of a best pieces of Nissan – genuine creation showcasing a crossover bravery fused with a fad of a GT-R supercar engine.”

Soon to applaud a JUKE’s fifth anniversary of production, a JUKE-R 2.0 arrives in time to applaud a birthday of Europe’s best-loved compress crossover. With over 600,000 sales opposite Europe given primarily launched in 2010, a JUKE continues to prominence Nissan’s position as crossover leaders, alongside a endowment winning Qashqai and adventure-inspiring X-Trail.

Nissan JUKE-R 2.0 Specifications

The JUKE-R was formed on a strange JUKE prolongation automobile launched in 2010. The JUKE-R 2.0 is formed on a newer JUKE indication launched in Europe in 2014, to that there were several poignant pattern changes and also technical enhancements. One of these elements was a endless personalization options introduced formed on customers’ desire. There was also a new flare shape, LED using lights and LED bulbs in a taillights to give a uninformed appearance, while new doorway mirrors incorporate LED side spin repeaters. The new Nissan V-motion grille during a front is a serve feature.

Specific updates/features on a Nissan JUKE-R 2.0 include:


  • Front bumper: heavily redesigned both aesthetically and functionally. The cooling apertures in a front buffer are increasing in distance by over 100 percent due to increasing engine cooling direct as a automobile now runs with an uprated 600 bhp engine. The buffer is made from 100 percent CO fiber
  • Rear bumper: made wholly from CO fiber, though incorporates a visible CO diffuser. The buffer will have new empty cowlings; these are made from high heat carbon
  • The back winglets are now of a one square CO fiber pattern with a visible CO finish
  • The front fenders are new figure MY2015 JUKE and from customary steel
  • The front and back buffer circle arch flares are new CO pieces blended in to a buffer and sill designs
  • The side sills are a tweaked cultured design, made from CO fiber
  • The front headlights, top and lower, are from a new MY2015 JUKE
  • The taillights are also from a MY2015 JUKE
  • The hood is from a new MY2015 JUKE and has integrated unclothed CO engine cooling ducts; these are somewhat repositioned from a prior JUKE-R to serve urge engine and turbo cooling
  • The JUKE-R 2.0 uses a newer pattern GT-R wheels rather than a prior version
  • Color is matte black as before


  • No change, other than roof backing is now black


  • The GT-R engine has been uprated to 600 bhp, a same outlay as a ultimate GT-R, a NISMO


  • The headlights, taillights and daytime using lights (DRLs) compulsory a wiring looms of a strange automobile to be updated to accommodate Nissan’s latest lighting technology 



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