Nissan: The Nissan Micra Cup in movement during a Grand Prix du Canada

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Mississauga, Ontario – The Canadian motorsport village is celebrating this week as it gears adult for a biggest eventuality of a year, a Grand Prix du Canada 2015, hold on a circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montréal, Jun 5-7. After carrying treated spectators during a large entrance dual weeks ago during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a Nissan Micra Cup will play an constituent purpose in this weekend’s world-class event. Two races are scheduled, one on Saturday afternoon and a other on Sunday morning, shortly before a start of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, that will no doubt be in front of thousands of spectators in a stands.

The Nissan Micra – a arguable and fun automobile to expostulate both on a highway and competition on a lane – has already supposing copiousness of fad and several novelties for a Nissan Micra Cup, a many affordable array in Canadian motorsports. This second assembly will symbol a array entrance of maestro motorist Richard Spénard, Gilles Villeneuve’s former teammate (Formula Atlantic, 1977), who built his repute in a racing village by being a racing instructor and winning a crowd of championships. Richard Spénard, whose résumé is certainly one of a many well-developed of all Canadian drivers, will be behind a circle of a fourth automobile for a ALBI le Géant team.

Other newcomers in a array will be Kevin King, a immature Québec motorist from karting, and radio horde Benoît Gagnon, who competed in a Canadian Touring Car Championship in 2013.

These drivers will have a perfectionist charge forward of them opposite a 23 others approaching to competition a dual races. Among a competitors is a immature Nissan GT Academy motorist and leader of a initial dual races, Thanaroj Thanasitnitike* from Thailand, as good as drivers relating a description of Olivier Bédard, who is a really initial stick position leader in a story of a Micra Cup array and second place finisher in Mont-Tremblant’s second race.

It will also certainly be of seductiveness to follow a beginner drivers, who for a many part, were branch heads during a initial dual races as they battled tightly nearby a front of a pack.

On a circuit Gilles-Villeneuve this weekend, during slightest 15 opposite drivers have a intensity of stepping onto a podium, where usually a few hours later, a leader of a Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada leader will mist champagne! However, seductiveness in a array will not be limited to usually a track. The paddock, that is located behind a eastern hairpin, is permitted to all ubiquitous acknowledgment sheet holders and a Nissan Micra Cup teams and organizers are mouth-watering everybody to come see a race-spec Micras and a array drivers.

On Friday, a drivers will be in movement for giveaway use from 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m., before to their usually subordinate event of a weekend from 5:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. The initial of dual races will be during 4:30 p.m. Saturday with a second holding place on Sunday during 10:00 a.m. The Nissan Micra Cup races will be 30 mins in duration.

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*Drivers entrance list and championship standings are trustworthy to this press release.

Nissan Micra Cup 2015 Season Schedule:


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