Nissan: Three Out of Three : Three Titles for Renault E.Dams in Three Seasons of FIA Formula E Championship

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During a initial dual seasons, Renault e.dams embraced a plea of a Formula E championship from a outset, by winning a teams’ pretension on dual uninterrupted occasions. Sébastien Buemi missed a drivers’ climax by usually one indicate in a initial season, though fought behind even stronger in a second year and was crowned champion after a stirring deteriorate culmination in London.

This year, Renault e.dams managed nonetheless again, to win a pretension interjection to a overwhelming turn of coherence with 6 victories out of twelve races. They are a usually group to have scored points in any race. With a patrol unequivocally penetrating to retrieve their crown, a group and Sébastien Buemi were winning during a opening turn in Hong Kong. More wins followed in Marrakech and Buenos Aires. The group shortly returned to winning ways in Monaco, where a Swiss motorist started from stick position – his initial of a season, and he remained unchallenged on a Monegasque track. One week after in Paris, Sébastien offering his initial attainment on home dirt to Renault e.dams. He afterwards combined another attainment to his sum in a second competition in Berlin – his sixth in 8 races. Meanwhile, Nico Prost authorised a group to get closer to a teams’ pretension by scoring profitable points in any turn and was a usually motorist to have achieved this considerable feat.

The competition for a pretension was unequivocally parsimonious during a Montreal deteriorate culmination as usually 18 points distant Sébastien from his closest rival, Lucas di Grassi, as they approached a wilful weekend in Canada. Unfortunately, a group had a unsatisfactory day on Saturday with Sébastien’s collision in giveaway use and his disqualification, while bad fitness returned on Sunday with a tough competition for both drivers.

Renault ; pioneers and European leaders in electric vehicles, have been strictly intent as a technical partner for a initial Formula E championship given 2013. The impact of Renault went even deeper after they became a categorical unite of a e.dams team. Owned by Alain Prost and Jean-Paul Driot, their exciting, new tour non-stop adult in Sep 2014 during Beijing. With this partnership, Renault entirely invested in a new and quite innovative discipline, with a will to uncover their double imagination in both motorsport and electric vehicles. The rendezvous and success from a championship are a large boost in building a electric range. Renault presents a Zoe eSport judgment automobile during a Geneva uncover this year, that is an updated chronicle of a success model, released with a latest technologies from Formula E.

The FIA Formula E championship is innovative among other racing disciplines since of a tighten partnership with fans worldwide. By investing in some of a many fascinating and dynamix cities, a far-reaching strech of fans that are met takes a difficulty to a new level. Formula E now facilities many high-profile manufacturers and is proven as a critical and well-respected difficulty in a motorsport world. The proclamation of Mercedes and Porsche into a championship for seasons 5 and 6 usually confirms a huge value of a discipline.

Renault e.dams scored a sum of 268 points to take their third crown. Sébastien achieved a sum of 157 points with 6 wins, with Nico scoring 93 points.

Renault e.dams appreciate their partners HP, Richard Mille, Lemo, Julius Baer and 8Js for their rendezvous and support during a whole season. They all contributed to a success of a team.

Renault e.dams will come behind again subsequent deteriorate to quarrel for even some-more silverware.

Alain Prost, co-owner of a team : “I would like to honour Jean-Eric Vergne for his initial attainment in Formula E, as good as a other drivers, and also Lucas Di Grassi on winning a drivers’ championship. We suspicion we could win both titles currently though it was not possible. The championship is removing some-more and some-more rival during a top level. We are unequivocally happy to win a teams’ championship for a third uninterrupted year. The uncover this weekend was amazing, we raced on one of a bes marks of a season. Everybody was so happy to be there. we would like to appreciate a partners for their support, in sold Renault. We will be behind subsequent year, for some-more success hopefully.”

Jean-Paul Driot, co-owner of a team : “This weekend in Montreal was one of a many formidable weekends over my whole career as a group owner. But we would like to honour a whole group of mechanics for their implausible work this weekend, in permitting Sébastien to be means to take his possibility to quarrel for a title, notwithstanding one of a many poignant crashes in Formula E that we’ve seen over a 3 seasons. We are gay to win a teams’ championship for a third time in a row. we wish that in a future, we won’t have any other clashes of dates with other championships, in sequence to say equivalence that will be respected.”

Jérôme Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing : “When Renault entered Formula E in a beginning, it was always to win and to innovate. To win 3 titles in 3 seasons, is incredible. we would like to honour a whole group for their tough work over a season. Every year, a turn gets aloft though Renault, interjection to their skills in electric technologies, stays some-more than ever, a personality of a Formula E championship. We will be behind subsequent deteriorate to quarrel hard, to keep a pretension and to try to win both titles again.”

Nico Prost, #8 : “It was not an easy year. we had problems in subordinate over a whole season. Ending a championship in sixth is not unequivocally satisfying. We leave Montreal with a group title, that was one of a objectives and we will try a best to come behind stronger subsequent season.”

Séb Buemi, #9 : “I am happy for a team, they unequivocally merit this title. The automobile was extraordinary for a whole season. Unfortunately, it has not finished good for me though that’s racing and we have to accept it. We have to learn from a mistakes to come behind stronger subsequent year.”


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